Basic Training

I helped guide my brother in law through the enlistment process and he is now in basic training. At least he isn’t sweating his balls off like I was in June, Lackland can get pretty hot!

I sure hope he isn’t sitting up at night cursing my name right now. That six weeks can seem rough, but it’s actually pretty quick and easy if you stay low. That’s what I told him when he was leaving!

“Keep your mouth shut and your head low.”

Honestly if I can survive basic… anyone can. I absolutely hate people yelling at me or being around stressed out individuals. That pretty much sums up basic training in a sentence and the AF program is a breeze compared to some services. It’s all for a purpose and is really a huge “game”  to test your mental stability. Hopefully he realizes that soon if he hasn’t already figured it out!

The wife is worried because it is her brother. I reassured her that they won’t be training him to be Rambo in the Air Force. He’ll come out with some goals, some more confidence, and possibly a career. That was the goal all along!





18 thoughts on “Basic Training

  1. Our son was in the (British) Army for 8 years, I remember his basic training, how he hated it! So proud at his passing out parade I was in tears… Then he had to do a tour in Afghan…. So glad he´s out of there now, I mean before Trump starts world war 3…

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  2. I did mine in Lackland during July and August. southern Texas is so much fun at that time of year. Oh and I absolutely hated those GI Joe Birth Control glasses that they forced us to wear.

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  3. Goals, confidence, maybe a career— great things to have! My hubby joined right out of high school after watching all his friends go away to college and he was still flipping burgers at Big Boy. 😜 sure did him wonders, and he certainly became the man he is today because of the guidance he received there…. got out, took his GI bill and finished undergrad and then re-enlisted to finish medical school…I’m not a huge fan of the military (can’t we just all get along?) but I have to admit it is necessary and can be a huge help to many who defend our country!

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