How to interpret stats

Basically this number tells me that people aren’t bothered about finding out I’m really a woman writing under the name Opinionated Man.

People really love my Kimchi recipes around the world and are enthralled by my presentation. Obviously.

This is due my poetry… or what I label as poetry. People read it, click to, think about the poem, say “what the fuck did I just read?”, then click back to reread it, confirm they did just the fuck read that, and move on. That’s what I interpret by those numbers… but my translation may be loose.

Apparently I don’t have real friends. Just blog friends… and I can’t even get them to like my page. So I’m basically friendless…

That fake scotch ad worked.




36 thoughts on “How to interpret stats

  1. you’d better be a guy, because I have defended your arse against feminists when they have been out of order 2. numbers don’t matter never did 3. you’d better be a guy because I’ve been writing this as a woman nt pretendy offensive but smacking people in the face with the truth offensive and if you don’t have the balls to do that as a women then you most definately are a man:

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  2. I wasn’t aware of your moobs and mangina. However, I could care less cause you’re a cool dude… or is it dudette? It’s just so hard to tell anymore. Know what I mean Vern… or is it Virgina? Ah shit! Never mind. Carry on my friend. Happy ’17 wO/Man!

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