Blogging Is NOT Writing

I think people just like to argue.

Blogging is sharing ANYTHING on a form of media. That “anything” can be writing, photos, food recipes, poetry, pictures of your dog… whatever!

Writers write. Photographers post photos. Cooks post recipes. WE ALL BLOG! We are NOT all writing!

Why is differentiating the two so important to me? That is simple to answer. I help to clarify the line between blogging and writing as a writer because I am ALSO a social media networker. What the hell do you all think I do all day? I don’t ONLY write and I don’t ONLY publish blog posts all day. I network, I meet and greet, I engage, I socialize – I BLOG! That is the portion of blogging that so many people miss.

Why do people miss the correlation between blogging and their personal form of expression? People want to be noticed, obviously. They want recognition and they want users to flock to their pages and gawk over their work, regardless what that work may be. I get it and I’d love that too! I’d love to be able to write every day and have lines of social media users ready to praise my awesomeness every day! Wouldn’t we all love that and wouldn’t it be AWESOME if thatΒ alone were blogging?

Unfortunately we live in the real world where the average blogger must work to get noticed. The real world where we have to garner interest to get people to care about what we are blogging. If they are photos, you better be hot! If it is food, you better be doing something special with eels and it should make my mouth water! That sharing, that attempt to draw a reader, watcher, or browser in IS the networking part of blogging that bloggers forget about. Or they simply miss it altogether. No one teaches you about the hard work that blogging requires to get people to like whatever it is you are blogging about. None of these ebooks, SEO experts, or wannabe media users trying to sell you $50/hr lessons are going to shatter your dreams and tell you that to get what you want you must devote countless hours of free time to garner interest FIRST before people become interested! If someone tried to sell their product with that marketing promo they wouldn’t sell a damn thing!

Instead people like to lie to you and tell you all it takes is the right post to go viral. They will tell you it is all about “what you write” or “who you write it for.” They’ll say things like “the reason your blog isn’t blowing up is because your tags suck or your domain name is too long!” Yes, those are all factors that sometimes go into a post being noticed, but the key word missing is the one word we shouldn’t ever forget because it is what we are.

We are bloggers. To gain notice, to gain a following, you must be what you are trying to attract.

You must be a blogger first.

-Opinionated Man




137 thoughts on “Blogging Is NOT Writing

  1. This is correct. Try as hard as we can and we still not break through. I find that I have an audience, even if it’s slightly smaller, but I do have to appeal to them and my future readers.

    Jessica |

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  3. Wonderful write up..very good one…besides ,there is another fundamental difference between a general writing & writing a blog..While yes,readers are important in both but certainly not the deciding factor in case of blog writing because the primary reason for you to write a blog is that it makes you happy,so with or without reviews or likes, one can and one should just keep on writing blogs on anything one feels like..thats it..
    I too recently posted a piece on how not to get buckled down due to poor traffic and how to get things going in the initial phases of blog writing .

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  4. Interesting thought. The position that blogging and writing are by nature different types of communication (one social, one solitary) is not one I’ve run across much.

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  5. I would have to say you’re right. Blogging is a social thing. The successful bloggers I have exchanged messages with have all been very personable and spend a good deal of time interacting with their audience. They credit this, more than their content, titles or tags with their success.


    • Yes! This is why I started my blog and this is what I hope to do with it! I want to find others to talk to about the issues that concern me! I like the original post by Opinionated Man and I like your reply Anthony!

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  6. Yes I agree it’s beyond just writing
    Amazing πŸ˜‰
    Don’t miss out my latest blog
    Social Media is a Better Option than Blogging provided You are from Farer Sex….😜

    Β I am quite sure a lot will agree and a lot will differ in that "Topic".I being a social media explorer and self styled"human …



  7. Reblogged this on Life In My Tin Can and commented:

    I have read more blogs in the last three years far more than I have written. I agree with everything you’ve said in this post. I get more out of what you have to say about blogging than if I typed the word into my search engine. Thank you, for all you do!
    “Comments disabled here”

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  10. YOU like to argue!!!! πŸ˜‰

    Blogging is not JUST writing. As you rightly said, it can be almost anything. There are some categories, and then there are people who just journal. Which is basically writing. I believe that poetry is writing, or st least an expression of it.

    I started blogging because I like to write. I’m always writing about something, if not here then in other places. My blog is varied for a reason, but there are what I consider serious writing in there.

    You like a challenge and here you challenge thoughts about blogging…

    Job well done, as usual!


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  11. “I think people just love to argue.”

    Which may explain most of the posts I’ve read on your blog – you are, if nothing else, self-aware. πŸ™‚

    The old argument over whether content is king and marketing is queen, or vice versa, is almost as old as Mac vs. PC, Linux vs. Windows, passive voice vs. active voice, and whether it is evil to omit the serial comma.

    In the end, some people will blog however they damned well please, while others will waste countless resources seeking the holy grail of blogging success formulas.

    I’m a writer; most of my blogging involves writing. Now and then, I share other things. Not all of it is magazine-worthy, slick, professionally polished, mouth-wateringly beautiful or thought-provoking. But then, that’s not what my readers want, or they’d stick to sites like Huffington Post or The Atlantic. I agree with you that networking, engaging with readers and other bloggers, is important if you want to grow readership. But I think you muddied your point – assuming that’s really your main point – with your title, and by not emphasizing that need to interact. You say that “blogging is not writing” and turn off the writers who blog. You say ” If they are photos, you better be hot! If it is food, you better be doing something special with eels and it should make my mouth water! That sharing, that attempt to draw a reader, watcher, or browser in IS the networking part of blogging that bloggers forget about.” Go to America’s Test Kitchen. Go to National Geographic. I’m pretty sure the reason my readers come to my site is that I’m human, approachable, have a personality, and am willing to try (and fail at) a variety of things and let them watch. You utterly discount the appeal of sites like Pinterest Fail and Cake Wrecks.

    Then again…what’s your gimmick? What slick perfection are you offering up that’s lured us all in to your blog, Mr. Blogger? πŸ™‚

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  12. Your title of this post is not supported by the post itself. The title should be: “Blogging is not necessarily writing.” For, as you say in the body of the post, sometimes blogging is writing and I will agree with you. I will also agree that not all blog posts are writing. But of my two blogs, and, both are writing. The first is slice of life and the second is where I post chapters of a series of books I am writing, for public comment. If I started up a blog on poetry, that would also be writing. But if I started one on music, probably not depending on how I worked it. Photography would not be writing but a blog about photographers would be. A blog of food recipes would not but a blog about eating out probably would be. And so on.

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      • I THINK you missed my point, but I am not sure. My point is that blogging is not necessarily writing and your title where you make an absolute rejection of blogging as writing is not supported by the text of the post.

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        • An absolute rejection would be “blogging isn’t ever writing.” I suppose it depends on how you read it. Your point was very clear. I simply disagree with the point you are trying to make because of how you made it. You used yourself as an example through your whole comment. Do you network to get people to read your blog? If you don’t, that’s fine. But people that do want views HAVE to network to get interaction. They can’t JUST write. Therefore, in my book, blogging is not writing. My title holds true to my point of view. Did you get that?


  13. I beg to differ. When I write about my book and create catch phrases, then I’m blogging. When I comment on people’s blogs and share my posts across every social medium possible, then I’m blogging. But when I write poetry on my blog, I am writing. I’m writing for myself. I’m sharing it. But I’m expressing my deepest thoughts.

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  14. I agree with your well-stated position…I write…and I share posts on my blog…I am not, however, a blogger…and kudos to you for following your passion and doing the tedious, time-consuming networking etc that I can only imagine! There is no escaping sacrifice and hard work, whatever our calling. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  15. I don’t agree with majority of what you have written on your post. Right from the start, you have summed up blogging to be an entity which doesn’t survive unless one has views which is quite irrational and illogical and shows only one half of the story. I’m pretty sure there are people out there (include me too) who don’t give a damn about how many likes we get or who follows us. Content is the king and that itself draws the crowd.

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  17. The purpose of my blog is (unashamedly) to share my writing, the majority of which is composed of poetry. I see myself as both a poet and a blogger, the primary reason for my blogging being my desire to bring my poetry to as wide an audience as is possible. Kevin

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  18. There is nothing wrong with sharing photographs or artwork. Those take as much talent as writing. Followers equal more buisiness which means money to many artists who are struggling and just trying to get noticed. We all have to realize that we are all fighting for the same thing, to share.

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  19. Interesting point of view. I agree with some of it, but not all. For me, the blogging platform is best when words are featured – which does mean writing if you want to get my personal interest and hold it (although “blogging” includes a great many other activities beyond writing and hitting publish, so I am right in line with you there).

    There are so many other platforms for one-line comments, memes, photos, graphics, etc. For me, Twitter has no appeal, I engage marginally with a few other “social media” sites, have a bunch of boards and followers on Pinterest – but I don’t consider anyone posting on those platforms BLOGGING (even when I post something on those platforms myself).

    When I visit (or follow) a BLOG, it is because the writing is engaging on some level – either on its own merit or because the subject matter is an area of interest. I also love to browse through the comments, hitting “like” to indicate to others (and remind myself) that I’ve been there — and I take quite a bit of time leaving comments like this one a variety of blogs. I DO consider those efforts part of “blogging,” but without the written content of the original post and the written interaction of the community, I’d lose interest in a heartbeat.

    I wrote a post about it last year, actually, “Give Me My Thousand WORDS!” (search box at top of site).

    Happy New Year to ALL!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  20. Great post!! I totally agree…. And I have to say that, while reading that line:

    “We are Bloggers.” … (bla-bla-bla, too lazy to copy the rest) my brain dropped most of it and what I heard in my head was “We are Bloggers. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!”

    I made myself laugh. Then I felt silly for laughing at my own joke.

    Oh well…. It’s been a long day! Yawwn

    P.S. about paying to get told how to use tags…. I’ll tell anyone who gives me 5$ the secret of using the #Garysucks tag to get MAJOR exposure on the Internets… I think that’s a bargain!

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  21. I don’t think I am a writer yet. The main reason behind my blog is socializing. I am tired of physically meeting the same people everyday. It is like I am not interested in them and want to meet new people from parts of the world that I have been to before. I totally agree with what u have said in this post. Good Writings.πŸ˜‡

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  22. I couldn’t agree more, writing something and then sitting there and expecting to be noticed will never help you achieve anything. Thank you for emphasizing this!

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  23. Hey Jason. Loved the post. Right on, as usual.Those who commenting on your post, demonstrate exactly what you’re talking about. For a writer of a blog, writing is only a fraction of the actual “work” of blogging. In some ways, some of the most interesting aspects of blogging is the reading and through comments, meeting others. Keep the opinions coming. Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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  24. This is SO TRUE. Blogging is almost a full time job. The blogging bit is the part where I spend countless hours to try to get people to my blog. The writing bit is the part I truly enjoy-it’s what I have to offer anyone so inclined to check out my blog.

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