Something simple

I could see the light in your eyes,

As they dance before me through the days gone by.

Your memory becomes a reel of my heart.

I replay it like my favorite thought.

You came and you went so fast.

And I can still see you tremble at last.

As we realized the time that we had.

Memories eternal at last.

I hear you, I hear your sweet name.

It trembles on the last note today.

And they say you can write yourself a song.

I write one each day we long.


I hear a country song while writing this lol…

I’ll edit this later. I was taking a break to um… … so the food is good…

12 thoughts on “Something simple

  1. Jason, don’t ever let me hear out of your mouth you are not a writer cause you are. You are a man who has more talents than you know so let me give you just a few of them as I see them….a good father, husband, writer of poems, promoter of books, a good friend, and a writer of stories, blogs, and last but not least comments. There are more I’m sure but I don’t know them or just don’t think it would be wise to list them all I have to have a few things up my sleeves for the next nice thing I might give you. LOL Hope you had a great Christmas. Be good and God bless. Your friend and loyal reader always, Kat

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