Day 8030

I was in a dilemma. I had to meet Kevin soon at the judo tournament, but the bottle of Jack was calling me. Well technically a flask. I said fuck it and hit it of course because that’s what twenty two year olds do sometimes. Actually at that point in my life I was doing that automatically.

I jumped in my civic, damn I miss that car, and hit the road. I was feeling good. I wasn’t seeing double or anything, but I probably wouldn’t have passed a checkpoint test. It didn’t matter. If I wasn’t finding something fun to do at the moment, my mind was preoccupied with my search and I drank to stop thinking about them.

I was making good time and was just rounding the corner near my local pho shop when I felt a bump. The problem was that I wasn’t in a parking lot and I hadn’t gone over a speed bump. Memphis streets are bad, but not that bad! And the bump came from the wrong direction, it came from my side. It dawned on me I had hit a car.

“Fuck me,” I muttered as I pulled over. I was pretty sure this day just took a turn for the worse when I got out of the car. I turned around and saw that there was indeed a God. The car I had “hit” had no paint on it and was a beater! Thank Jesus! And then a cloud passed across my miracle as two guys from the movie Training Day stepped out of the car…

The driver looks at me and says “you good?”

Holy shit… did he just ask if I was ok first? “Yea, I’m aight. You ok bro?” I managed to say.

He looks at his car and then mine and says “we good” and they then hop into their car. They drive off and I again thank all the gods I can think of. That could have been an unhappy ending for this Asian story.

I went to the judo tourney, and no Gary I wasn’t in it. But I coulda been after that incident. Upon reflection maybe that was a bad thing, but I’ll take luck in most situations.

-Opinionated Man


7 thoughts on “Day 8030

  1. You lucked out or your fortune is very good. I made it through my own “wild” years by a hair…..I chalk it up to the powers that be in the Universe protecting me because, by all rights, I should have gotten into a lot more trouble than I did ๐Ÿ™‚

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