What is “Viral”

We all have a different definition of what viral is. I was watching television the other day and the reporter shared a story that had “gone viral” because it had 5,000 shares and 100,000 views. That’s viral to some people.

That isn’t the definition of viral to me. As I’ve said, this website has never gone “viral” by social media’s definition. I worked hard for every view here and the reason I have over 1,600,000 views is from that hard work, that grind. I also don’t have any posts or articles here that have gone viral, but I do have several posts that have been viewed over 100,000 times over the past three years and one that has 375,000 views. Is that viral to you? It isn’t to me and I’ll explain why.

Viral is when a post explodes across all media and becomes popular in a short amount of time. The key word to me is time and how much time that takes. It is easy to get 100,000 views on a single post in a year. I’ll repeat that. It is EASY to get 100,000 views on a website, post, or blog in one year. The post I had so many views on wasn’t anything special and was simple humor, however, I used every trick I knew to get it read. I pushed it, I spun it, I boosted it, I linked it, and I pushed it again. That is why I don’t consider it a viral post because I worked my ass off to get it read as part of an experiment in my media methods. It was easy, it was simple, and it was a shit ton of work.

I grind it out here and have no secrets to share on how to go “viral” by the standards of most social media users. My goal isn’t the perfect post, it is the perfect sentence. I don’t care anymore how many views a single post gets and I flood my board daily because of that view. I could revert at this point and post a blog post a week and get my 300-500 likes and my views would drop like a stone. Likes are a dime a dozen and I am here for the response. That’s why I encourage bloggers to do their own thing. I don’t preach methodology and I don’t share reused blogging tips that everyone uses already. I’m more interested in what people haven’t tried and making my own mold. The bottom line is I don’t feel people blog like I do and our definitions of going viral will therefore never align. I’m OK with that.

Numbers matter to me because I use them as motivation and marks of progress. Often people will tell you to ignore the numbers and just have fun with blogging. But what if the numbers are fun to you and that’s part of “blogging” in your book? Well you aren’t alone, I write, but I blog to share and network. They are separate things and separate practices to me. That’s what is fun to me and expanding my connections is amusing. How far can I go and how many can I reach in this world? That is blogging and that’s why a lot of us are here. Use whatever motivates you and take what advice you can find that helps you along. Know that most bloggers writing tips and blogging advice are merely regurgitating stuff they read somewhere else. It is hard to find an original thought on procedures connected with blogging. I stopped trying to find “the answer” a long time ago. I make my own answer each day.




45 thoughts on “What is “Viral”

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  2. I could not keep up with all of the views that you have mentioned. props to you in the words of my youngest child. πŸ™‚
    Your posts are very original and I appreciate that. I also appreciate that you take the time to be original and share your knowledge, thoughts and opinions. yes, some people do share what they have read from others and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they give credit to that person. It is a pet peeve of mine for someone to pass off work as their own but isn’t. I am re-blogging this post as I feel others need to see this.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    God Bless!


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  4. The difference between you & others, Jason, is you support other bloggers. I try to too, but not many others do – from what I’ve seen, anyway. & I’m only new to this gig, but I realised that from twitter. Oh, & your site. Daria.

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  5. I think I’m not alone in saying that it’s your particular flavor of blogging and expression that keeps me coming back to see “What did OM say this time?”
    I want to say, “it’s easy… And it’s a shit ton of work” seem incongruent. But then again, many creative pursuits are that way. It’s easy for me to write sentences that turn into paragraphs that turn into chapters of books. And it is a ton of work, which might explain the sense of, “Ugh… I need to grind this out or it will never get done.”
    It takes discipline and practice, doing the right thing over and over until it becomes easy, or at least, easier.

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  6. About ten years ago – a musician friend of my hubs walked up to him and said “um, can you help me make a video that will go viral”

    And I agree with your definition of viral

    Also the likes and whatnot….
    You know I have thoughts to add – like on blogging with genuineness – and remember when you noted the doobsters had that authenticity ?
    Anyhow – in two ways I have grown as a blogger – first – I realize there are readers we will never know about / so no response needed ….
    it is the type of sharing that goes beyond some of the stats – and for me – if 7 people are reading – that feels like a reward and honor –

    And sloths second way I have grown – I am currently posting twice a day!
    Not my normal style – and you know OM – I think I remembered when Vass told someone they posted like raindrops and so I did not want to do that…
    But what does that even mean?
    And also – there is no number limit (see – growth area)
    But I think I held back from posting at times out of politeness – and so maybe now with my twice a day Posts my mom will have to turn off email delivery – lol
    But I feel a freedom in posting what I want.

    And I always enjoy hearing about your work behind different your blogging modes….

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  7. You have a made a great point which I have tried to express but have not done so as well as you. Writing and blogging are not the same thing. And as you know I also LOVE watching my numbers. To me, the fun of blogging is growing the numbers. Then, completely separate, is the writing good content.

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  8. there is a great deal of security in not having posts go viral. there are very few people sniping at ya that way. then again, not all of us are ninjas like you who can get out a scream, display a mean face and do some sorta martial arts move so you can scare to poo out of them.

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