Things that will never break on you

A flask. I’ve never met a flask that sprung a leak, but I suppose in some Greek tale that could happen. That’s truly tragic though.

My throwing stars. I once threw a throwing star so hard it shattered into a trillion stars. And if you believe that you’ve made my day.

A magic stallion. I’ve always wanted a magic stallion. Like the one in The Never Ending Story on which he rides for days at full gallop. We do all know that horses don’t run all the time right? That if they did they would die from exhaustion? I tried once on Skyrim and they automatically make your stallion stop going at full speed. I hear there is a cheat code though…

I was going to say I’ve never had a belt break on me, but confession time. My belt broke the other day. And it isn’t because Gary sabotaged my belt in the middle of the night by dressing in all blue, because he doesn’t wear black, and spider crawled his way towards my bed so he could get near my jeans which hold my belt buckle and then used some tool to saw the coupling so the belt buckle, my favorite buckle, fell off one day and almost murdered one of my toes but luckily I ninja jumped away… I loved that belt and now my four horsemen are gone! Gone Gary!!! …

I dunno what happened just then.

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27 thoughts on “Things that will never break on you

  1. You are such a precious weirdo. I love reading what your mind comes up with 🙂 Excellent post….made me laugh and it is gray and ugly outside today, I needed the laugh….

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  2. Yuletide theme with similarity to the magic stallion: Then there’s Father Christmas on a sledge with seven reindeer flying through the air all over the world in one night delivering millions of presents when he’s only got room for about 10. Oh, and he crawls up and down chimneys even where there aren’t any and wouldn’t fit in them anyway. Excuse backlink here, not looking for fame and fortune but:

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