Not a Writer

I don’t consider myself a writer and I am pretty carefree with my publishing. I edit once, miss most of my mistakes, and still publish because perfection isn’t my goal here. My goal with writing, not blogging because I consider those separate things of course, has always been to push my limit. See what I can write and what connects with readers. Sharing your writing through a blog affords the writer an easy connection between their words and a possible reader. The instantaneous feedback is as invigorating as it is addicting. Where else can you find such freedom to express yourself and interact.

One day I’ll care enough to write something worth getting bound between two covers. I have such respect for any published author and I know that writing that many meaningful words that connect takes a ton of work. It takes discipline and dedication, and I obviously respect the shit out of that because that same level of dedication is applied to this blog. I pour hours into this website, this little project of mine. But one day that will change as all things change.

My mother has several publishing deals lined up. I know life isn’t a competition and honestly as far as role models go, my mom is my writing role model. She pushed me to start a blog and she pushes me to write. Her and my wife are why three rough drafts are sitting in my archive which no one has read and why one day those drafts won’t be so rough. Maybe one day they’ll be polished and published with my name on it. My real name… Jason Chandler Cushman.

-Opinionated Man



30 thoughts on “Not a Writer

  1. I’ve got a few pages of rough draft, too. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the point of finishing it, and if I do, I’m not sure I’ll want anyone to read it.

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  2. You are more than good enough to write and publish a book. You can publish it in amazon kindle as it’s easy and costs nothing. The beauty about e-books is that after you publish them you can edit and update them whenever you like and as many times as you like. In fact my books have been updated many time and sometimes I still update them so in that way you can perfect them and your writing skill all the time. You can’t do this this paper books. Then if one day you are fully satisfied with your e-book you can publish it in paper format if you like or you can delete your e-book and publish another.

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