Hidden Jealousy

When I was in grade school a friend of mine used to get a personal note from his mother inside his lunch every day. We of course made fun of him because we are guys… and that is what guys do. Deep down though I was jealous and I am sure some of my other friends were as well. It never occurred to me once what kind of dedication and love it takes to write a note each morning. I didn’t realize what it meant until I became a father myself.

It is amazing what lessons we take from childhood. Sometimes we internalize those memories and they reappear later in life. That is what happened to me when I had kids and I started writing notes to put into their lunch boxes. I tried to make this a habit once before and because they couldn’t read yet (who would have thought that would be a requirement for this to work) it wasn’t noticed and I stopped leaving them. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to give it another try.


It is the small things in life that matter the most because those small things can be a huge deal. Love seems like a small thing, but when you add dedication to that love it can take on a whole new meaning. I love the thought of them reading my notes and I’ll continue to leave them whenever I remember. It is my reminder to my girls that I am thinking of them even in the middle of the day when I am away. They are always on my mind and sometimes all they need is a small little note to remind them that I love them still.







24 thoughts on “Hidden Jealousy

  1. Beautiful message.
    My husband used to take lunch with him to work and I always put a short message in his package for him. Your post reminds me, that now he eats a work, I should send him an whatsapp instead or something like that…


  2. Aw, I’ve done that to my kids too when they were younger. They said later it was always such a treat. Loved the thought that I was making them smile, especially if they were having a crappy day. 😊


  3. My mom used to do that too… And I still remember how eager I was to open my lunch box to find it every now and then! Later on, she kept sending little notes like this randomly. She even sends me flowers for the anniversary of my relationship with Chéri! Little gestures like that go a long way… Those are lucky little girls! 🙂

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