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We all have reasons we blog. Most people don’t care about your reasons unless they see other people care. That is the connection many people miss I think. There are websites out there writing far more boldly than I, but because no one is chirping their approval no one cares. The moment people see comments supporting a post they hate it makes them want to crusade immediately. It makes them care and that is the funny part about social media.

When do you lose control of your blog? Is there a point when the views, the visits, and the comments matter more than what you are writing? Many people will automatically say “no, it doesn’t,” but how much of that is truth? How many people can honestly say that regardless of the number of people reading their words they still will write freely and honestly? I don’t believe many people can.

At some point between when I created this blog in 2013 and now, I should have adapted how I blog to retain the small readership I have gained. That is what an educated person would do and the result would be a vanilla blog full of love, hope, and all that is good. Sounds fucking boring to me and I’ll never blog in that manner. I pride myself in still writing what comes to mind and this mind loves to write opinion. That is what HarsH ReaLiTy is, Opinionated Man’s views. I still chuckle when I read the name “Opinionated Man” because it is such an obvious move. We are all opinionated; we simply don’t all share our opinions.

Writing humor is hard because not everyone will get your humor. People from differing countries and backgrounds will miss your sarcasm and will take your facetious manner at face value. You then can spend your next days writing disclaimers and explanations, or you can accept that some people will never get your humor and that’s ok. That’s what I do. If I spent my time worrying about who I offended I’d have a million readers by now, but those readers wouldn’t be reading me. I wouldn’t be blogging me. They’d be reading whitewashed bullshit that anyone can find on yahoo, huffington post, or CNN and that ain’t blogging to me. That won’t ever be me.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man




67 thoughts on “Blogging Me

  1. BRO!!! 😎👌 your first paragraph got me. It just spoke. I’m no where near you and you still tickle me silly. I guess there’s more of us out there then you think. I love your honesty, that boldness that comes from your opinions. That’s why I followed you two years ago, and I’ll never stop. Love this post 😊

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  2. I have had a humor blog since 2007. Ive noticed it gets hardly ani likes no one comments any more. Not thst im looking for complimenys, but in the beginning, pthis blog awards, I don’t get it, I’m a comedy writer for morning radio shows when morning radio show were hot. Ive even even done stand up. But you’re right,. Comedy sis so subjective. Times have changed or I’m not funny any more.


  3. Love that shit. There you go, that is pure honesty. I reckon I’m getting more honest when i write, but it’s hard. Like you say you don’t want to offend and people will never get my humour, cos i don’t. Peas on you.

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  4. Ok, I have to tell you what attracted me to your blog, “Opinionated man” genius! I’m also very opinionated and it has gotten me in trouble. Keep doing what your doing! I like real, raw, and hey it’s not always going to be pretty but you must speak your truth. I definitely look forward to seeing more blogs from you!

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  5. I used to think that offending people was fun. I used to go out of my way to do it, constantly highlighting how hypersensitive and serious everyone was. And by “used to,” I am referring to five minutes ago. Cheers to you–offend away!

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  6. Awesome post, you gained a new follower. I couldn’t agree more with what your saying and will definitely keep this in mind when I write my posts! Check out my blog on here when you can and let me know what you think 😃


  7. I’m new on here, and I love your point of you and I agree- other people shouldn’t tell you what to write on YOUR blog, you should write what you want and when you want to, and no one can change that.


  8. I’m really trying hard not to check my blog stats every single day like a desperate teenager who just wants everyone to think she’s cool. I have to keep reminding myself that I will end up hating my blog if I don’t write for myself. Plus there’s got to be other degenerates out there with a similar sense of humor right? I’m pretty new to all of this so we’ll see I guess. Great article!

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  10. Yes!!
    This is why I’ve stuck with ya for so long! I can’t stand fake.. I just had to block family because of differing opinions.. not because we disagreed, but because they disagreed with something I posted on facebook, did they just keep scrolling?? NO! Instead they took it upon themselves to start an argument and attack friends who also commented. It was ridiculous, instead of arguing and starting a big feud with my in-laws, I just blocked them.. Bye bye.. Life’s too short to get so damned bent out of shape over differing political views, etc. Keep doing you, I’m gonna do me!

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  11. I agree so much and especially about the humor on a blog. I reckon must people wouldn’t get my Aussie slang humor but who cares really, every now and again I chuck it in for a stir. We should all just aim to be ourselves, just like you do Jason. Happy blogging.

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  12. I really like how you express everything by writing as if I was there beside you. And somehow agreed to everything that you have posted. I was scrolling and stumbledupon your blog and currently on a reading marathon since yesterday

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  13. Hello Jason! Best wishes for the season. I wanted to let you know that WordPress Reader tagged and highlighted one of your photos as background for the “blogging” tag. I was about to click it to let you know which photo but the page refreshed and I lost it. I know you’ve had issues with them so I am glad that their randomising algorithm doesn’t care about that stuff. Hugs. xo

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  14. Well said and I certainly have written blogs that I thought others would like. I stopped doing that however I write like I have a million people reading my blog when it may be actually 7 😊

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  15. Blogging: it’s where you can write your opinion ’cause everybody else here is opinionated and they can usually accept that we can all agree to disagree. Well, some still get offended, but they they’re in the wrong classroom. Bottom line? This is relaxing, fun, challenging. My greatest challenge is to “feel” what someone else has expressed, not just read the words, but try to feel what motivated the words. I always admit, I’m horrible at penetrating the meaning of most poetry… even if periodically I use that method myself. Ah well… love all you guys!!! 🙂 (and someday I’ll figure out how people find those other expressive emoticons and post them on comments!)

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  16. If I gave a shit what people thought of me I wouldn’t be blogging at all. But I don’t so much as write as projectile vomit words onto the reader, maybe that’s why after a year I’m not as progressed as what other blogs that started the same time are. But I’m not here to please people, I’m here to share my thoughts and be an individual, so I can be accepted somewhere instead of the reality that I’m not accepted anywhere in my actual life.

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  17. I don’t know if the day will come that I stop because this is for my healing.. I know the day will stop that I write as much about pain and depression.. but this my baby about me that I choose to share with others.. that can say hey I’m not alone.. I am here for me.. but yeah when I get visitors and comments.. I’m happy as a kid in the a candy store.. but I’m this is only for me..

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