32 thoughts on “Stop!

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  3. Well my dear friend…
    It is about 69 here lol…not rubbing it in at all…lol..I love the snow and we get it here in Texas …More ice storms than anything and those are so fucking fun to watch others drive in it when they seem to go faster and never learned how to drive in it…
    BUTTTT…..It’s supposed to get down to 17 with freezing rain ..so a big difference in temps…but again this is Texas and you know the saying about Texas…lol…the next 3 days or so are not going to get above freezing…so we will see for sure if all this rings true…lol…
    Anyways and always send the snow this way …I love it…and grew up in it and I will take that over the ice storms we get ….
    Speaking of ice storms…I have some pictures from a few years back that I never posted…you just may have giving me an idea for another post ☻see you are a good guy no matter what that Gary has to say….; )
    Stay warm my friend…
    Hugggs n ♥ to you and the family

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  4. I knoooooooow, right? Here in Toronto, we just had a snow storm last night plus 2 days of Extreme Cold Weather Alert just this week. At the beginning, I was playing and jumping on the snow but it’s too much. It’s not even officially winter yet.

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