How to write freely

Just don’t give a shit. I use my blog as my sounding board, my area to explore what I can do. People see their blogs in different ways, but what I see is limitless.

I dabble in whatever I want and getting over that hump of embarrassment over publishing your stuff is EASY. Just don’t care. I write poetry. Bad poetry. But I publish them without edit in the middle of the night because that is what this blog is for me. It is my thought of the moment. It is a window into what is going on in your world and who has a perfect world? This isn’t television.

I like to push myself. I purposefully write on topics that I am unfamiliar with because I am a blogger that writes. Because my photos suck…




37 thoughts on “How to write freely

  1. I’m slowly learning that Jason. You are somehow voicing out my thoughts. Hey, what I can’t overcome yet is posting my photos (exposing my face) here in WP. And I admire you for that. Haha:)

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