No More Bloggers

I find dead ends each day. I find forgotten pages, dropped pens, and discarded bottles still with ink inside. I see your hidden thoughts and expressions you left for the random wanderer. I am that wanderer today as I wonder where you went. Picturing what you thought as you wrote each line, I see the image of your heart. Where did your heart go after it left a piece of itself? Did it find a need somewhere else and is that need greater than the need to blog?

It must have been so.

It was so.

I find another dead end.

-Opinionated Man




35 thoughts on “No More Bloggers

      • Another thing: Since blogging is an activity one does willingly of their own accord, and since it IS that individual’s site and they control the content, isn’t it their own business what they write and how often they post what they write?

        Shouldn’t any and all poetic license be theirs? Including content and frequency of posting?
        What “laws” or “rules” demand they only write to appease or patronize the standards of all others, most of whom they have no direct acquaintanceship with or any intimate ties to?

        I just write for myself, and I set my own rules and standards. Meaning: I write when it’s most convenient for me to do so—when I’m inspired, think I’ve concocted material “good enough to” be posted, and don’t have other things in my life “getting in the way” or that have greater priority to me at the time.

        A simple enough formula for me anyway.


  1. I started my blog in 2008, but each year I’ve taken about a year off. It’s why I’ve never had a large following (at least I hope that’s why.) I’m always surprised when I come back at how many people have abandoned their blogs. No goodbye, no I’m taking a break, etc. Just one day they never post again. Should I choose to stop blogging again, I would probably make it the last time, but I have no plans for that anytime soon.

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