United Nations


You failed Aleppo. You failed Syria. Every member of the UN should feel ashamed. There is no excuse and no denying the atrocities that have taken place and are taking place right now.

Ban Kimoon you should resign. All leading officials in the UN should resign. You are all worthless.

All you had to do was move UN troops into Aleppo and this would have stopped so long ago. I hope none of you can sleep. Your reports of only 82 women and children being murdered are bullshit and laughable.

Hundreds have died. Thousands have died. All any of you care about is saving face and using “hard words” on the topic. Save your hard words. Your inaction says enough. Be ashamed UN.

-Opinionated Man

Jason Chandler Cushman

28 thoughts on “United Nations

  1. They failed Haiti about a dozen times and have made many orphaned children into their whores while polluting the water with cholera. And the UN only acknowledged this after over a 100,000 deaths. So I have lost respect years ago.

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  2. Well said, this has been the most horrific failing of the world in a long time. The news has been very muted on the horrors there but falls over itself over a Kayne visit.

    We stand by after each failing, saying “never again” and then wait for the next atrocity to repeat the same statement.

    This time there are people on social media crying for help and the world turns it into drama to watch, for ratings, instead of making a decision and helping our fellow humans. I’ll stop ranting now. It just makes me sick.

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  3. Sorry, Jason, but they were too busy abusing children in Africa to be concerned with trivial things going on elsewhere.

    I think a quote from 1776 fits here perfectly, changing a few words:

    A curse that we now here rehearse in America
    A second flood, a simple famine
    Plagues of locusts everywhere
    Or a cataclysmic earthquake
    I’d accept with some despair
    But, no, you sent us th UN,.
    Good God, sir, was that fair?

    You see, they piddle, twiddle, and resolve
    Not one damn thing do they solve
    Piddle, twiddle, and resolve
    Nothing’s ever solved in
    Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy

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  4. The UN is supposed to function in part to address humanitarian issues, yet they failed to address the greatest humanitarian issue occurring on the world stage, just as they did in Rwanda. Talk is inadequate when the stakes are this high. Action should have been taken. Doctors Without Borders and other organizations sacrificed many brave people to tend to the Syrians, yet the UN did not act in a substantial capacity. A real shame, Jason. I feel your frustration. My prayers are with Syria. God help who and what is left of the country.

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