Things I Don’t Get

1 – How does wind blow snow in, but it requires a shovel to get the snow out?

2 – When did pizza companies stop putting real coupons on their boxes? These are the exact same deals on your website and commercials! Why are you needlessly murdering baby trees?

3 – I hate when people say “we are all the same level here” when we aren’t. You are a higher position and make more money. Telling me “we are all the same” to get me to do your work doesn’t work…

4 – Why do people allow others to tell their side of the story? It is so much easier to be right if people only hear your side.

5 – Maybe men wouldn’t be such pigs in the bathroom if our restrooms were as nice and opulent as the women’s are.

6 – Why have people started calling everyone “fam?” That shit is annoying.

7 – Why do people on Facebook call you “confrontational” for not agreeing with them and then they aggressively tell you why you are wrong and how you have no fucking clue what you are talking about and should shut up. Or does that only happen to me…

8 – So the UN is a peace keeping force made up of troops from the united nations that are never deployed to actually protect people by force. Got it.

9 – People hate Earth so much they are willing to go on a one way trip to Mars. Humans can’t even stand to be on a plane with each other for a few hours. How can we really expect these same humans to last months and even years together on a spaceship? Will anyone even make it if there is no more overhead baggage room and a fight breaks out?

10 – Why do women persist in telling us the reason they went on a shopping spree is because “there was a sale!” You aren’t fooling anyone ladies. We know there is ALWAYS A SALE!

11 – If a toy comes with hundreds of tiny pieces it is impossible to put together. Why don’t they just write that on the box??? IMPORTANT: THIS SHIT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT TOGETHER. DON’T TRY.

12 – When you go to an “Asian restaurant” and you sniff the food like a dog to make sure you like it… you look like a dog. An actual dog. Stop trying to use chopsticks too if you don’t know how. It is embarrassing to your Asian companion… next time we’ll bring our substitute friend.

13 – Bloggers that email me for blogging advice and don’t hear what they wanted to hear are annoying. Particularly when they never respond back to you… not even with a “thank you.”





69 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Get

  1. On that snow question, “How does wind blow snow in, but it requires a shovel to get the snow out?” it’s just like politicians. They blow in on votes, then they stick together. It takes more than a shovel to get them out, and even if you do, there’s always more to take that shovel full’s space. At least you know that snow will melt in the spring, but there is no spring in politics.

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  2. Good questions! Mother nature may be subtly let us humans know that snow will settle where it wants. It is natural for it to settle anywhere the wind decides. Humans infiltrate the world and see nature as an obstacle, something to change and alter – Sad opinion, of mine.

    Women are being honest, J! There is a sale on and that is why they went shopping. Maybe the sale was in a shop that didn’t have sales on the week before? ha ha!

    A lot of questions to really think about.

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  3. I always laugh when my non-Asian friends use chopsticks and try to pick up rice from the plate and here I am using a fork.

    Whatever is quickest in getting food to mouth. I am there to eat and not be culturally PC.

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  4. And your advice is always welcomed by me. And thank you in advance. Also if there is a 50-75% sale that doesn’t happen all the time and I love saving money on things that aren’t full price and almost cost. Yes!

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  5. Ok, it’s not just Asians that get embarrassed by their friends lack of chopstick abilities, it’s also hipsters and die hard anime fans also.
    Also, fam annoys me as much as Bae does, what’s the obsession with getting rid of letters from already established words?

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  6. While I agree with all of your points 4 is particularly correct. Why do we let other people tell their side? It’s hard to prove you’re right if someone else is butting in.
    On women and shopping I had a friend who proudly told her husband (this was in the early 80’s) that she had saved him $35,000. shopping the sales. He said, “Cookie, that’s great but I didn’t EARN $35,000 this year!”

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  7. Great points! I don’t get why my neighbor puts plastic bags on apples that are still on her tree and then lets them rot in their bags when they fall to the ground. I really don’t get that…

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  8. The rant is on. That’s okay, you’re entitled. Better here than in the office! I agree with some of it, but I try to use chopsticks when with the kids because it’s learning something worthwhile. Having two adopted Korean grandsons it’s fun to try. I agree about the UN. I use fam instead of family in emails to save time. Weird, eh? Try to relax and enjoy the holiday season. It will be over soon enough. Then we have horribly cold and windy January coming….yikes. As far as the blog advice goes, you try and that’s all you can do. The rest is up to them. Chill with the fam – sorry, couldn’t resist!😂

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  9. Seems somebody is not in such a good mood. 😉
    3rd and 6th points are really annoying. 10th one is true too. 😀 Men shouldn’t even ask why we went for shopping. That’s like you yourself are asking us for making excuses. :p
    The last point is definitely something that even I have experienced. Not by many but few people are there who I guess are unaware of the term ‘Courtesy’.
    And yeah, I also don’t know how to use chopsticks and never did I try using them. 😀

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  10. 5 – Maybe men wouldn’t be such pigs in the bathroom if our restrooms were as nice and opulent as the women’s are. – I really don’t want to know how you know that.

    “We’re all in this together.” No, you’re the boss and your ass is covered no matter what, mine is on the line.

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  11. Wow…I am not sure how to respond…but I will say I give an honest effort with the chopsticks…I have moments where I master the art of using them if only for a short time…I am probably better off using a fork though…and honestly why would people sniff their Chinese food like a dog if only to wrap themselves up in the wonderful smell of it…great…now I am craving Chinese food…thanks a lot OM lol 😉

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