“Get Over It” Day!!!

Today is “Get Over It Day.” Everyone else seems to find it so easy to tell you to “get over it” right? Well why should they have all the fun? I want in on this action and now declare today THAT day. I’ll make a flag later.

Gary your infatuation with ladybugs is creepy as shit. Get over it dude…



You need to get over it too snow. No one wants you here. Why don’t you go somewhere and melt…

51 thoughts on ““Get Over It” Day!!!

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  2. I think I’m going to make this my new “catch” phrase: “You are like snow, nobody wants you, why don’t you go somewhere and melt?”


    ps: Sorry you get your feelings hurt but you put it out there and basically ask for it. Know you are right for you and tell the rest of us to go to hell! o’ wait i think that is what you’re doing. giggle giggle

    Thus spake druathustra!

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  3. I fkn love this change approved. Get over it house you’re dirty it’s your thing. Get over it kiddos leftovers are fun AND gross your fav things! Get over it electric company I wanna spend my money on app games…damn that’s nice. Like big ol fart. Good thinkin.

    You don’t “get over it” in my experience you just get better at dealing. Ppl who throw out blanket advice like that might as well stay shut up’d. They clearly never had anything real to get over. E.

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