I was just told I was heartless on Facebook because of my post to birth moms. Someone said “when did pain become a competition?”

Honestly if you have to ask that I don’t have a damn thing for you. The pain is always, always greater for the child. It is never greater for the adult and the fact some adults would argue that lets me know what type of people they are. They are probably the same birth moms that gave us up or abandoned us and now want everyone to feel sorry for them.

Not gonna happen. Not from me.



12 thoughts on “Heartless

  1. Nothing surprises me on fb. Everyone is offended by any feeling that isn their own. Im not sure how your pain can be considered heartless. How can you feel pain if you have no heart. Please these people…i cant keep up with the stupidity of it all.

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  2. Heartless is a strong word geez. Dramatic much? lol told ya fb was the devil. I agree that’s an overreaction but here’s the part I play devils advocate (forgive me)….

    We cannot know what another person is really feeling. Unless you’re an xmen kinda thing that can read a human soul, you really have no idea what their feels are. I’d love to agree…I know what it’s like to pay for other ppls mistakes your whole life it fkn sucks and it’s not fair. But having an open mind has made it easier for me to deal so I’m just passing that on to you.

    Fb bitches be trippin. E.

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  3. I am so sick and tired of idiots posting on social media…..seems like my kicking the idiots off my own site made them go to yours. sorry about that. They obviously haven’t really read anything you have written if they think that word describes you.

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  4. Name calling like “heartless” is quite cruel and says 2 things about the person calling names. Thing one is that they are immature and in the sand box.
    Thing two is that if someone has a different opinion to them instead of debating the topic they hurl accusatory and irrelevant words. ❤

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