I’m on twitter, but I do NOT use the Opinionated Man handle anymore @aopinionatedman.

You can find me on twitter @smokendust. I’m also on Instagram, tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+, YouTube, trillian, Facebook, bnet, and homestead.

I can be reached by email at any time.

I do NOT use messenger on any of those platforms. I’m married and won’t fall for that trap.




19 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I was always tempted to join Twitter just to voice my opinions about the rating of items I’ve bought. But I’m afraid I’m online too much as it is. Do you find you spend 8 hours or more a day online? I might if I worked online, but I don’t. I do average between 3 and 5 hours online a day I suppose and I just get SICK of it! What am I doing with my precious time? . I don’t have a good job, and work part-time in a low paying blue collar job, but it hardly pays for groceries most weeks.

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    • Do you use your phone for stuff? Like blogging? I do most of my blogging and tweeting by phone now, but I do work in IT 10 hours a day. It is an advantage to have computers you work and use daily, so I get it!!! Still you can make time for connections and growth if that’s your goal.


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