Guest posting for Chores?

Lori at told me I better get my chores done since I am laying about while my wife is out with the kids at a party. Ok, so I am practical. I’ll trade some guest blogger slots for doing some of these chores…

1 – Noah, Luke, and Snowy need their cages cleaned. They are ferocious dragons on the outside, but guinea pigs on the inside.

2 – All the bathrooms need to be cleaned with that Mr. Clean stuff. That’s the big bald guy on the label.

3 – It would be nice if someone could bring down the vacuum cleaner which is upstairs. I’ll vacuum though because I don’t trust you’ll actually move furniture and clean under everything, instead of around everything.

4 – I need someone to move the couch downstairs and not like Gary did it last time. I still can’t find that couch…

5 – Dusting low is easy, dusting high is hard! One of you HAS to be an out of work, former basketball player… right?

6 – I already know exactly what I want from the Grocery Store. I just need a blogger to go get it for me. And yes I want the change Gary…

7 – Could someone respond to a few comments for me on some of my previous posts I missed? Just tell them “they are beautiful. Beautiful people.” That is what I’d say probably…

8 – I need a blogger to take over posting for a few days. My posts are beginning to smell like blog farts again.

If you are interested send me your resume. Don’t show up at my door… this is a joke.

Gary… A joke.



34 thoughts on “Guest posting for Chores?

  1. Ooo! Can I answer the comments I feel
    Like I’d be great at that. I don’t do windows/dishes/Dusting or cleaning. Consider this my resume bc writing is hard and I’m lazy. Thx! E.

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  2. I’m developing technology that will allow me to turn on all the faucets, pour a little detergent in each room, and leave for a couple of hours. I’ll set the machine to “agitate” and it will clean each room perfectly including making beds, washing dishes, sorting mail, and taking out the trash. I came up with this when I realized my house looks like someone turned it upside down and shook it and all I really needed to do was add soap.

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