How clearly they could see inside if I could cut aside the layers of me. Tearing past the crust that life makes as it bakes us each day. I cut my flesh with a willingness that can only be found with a steady hand. Surgically removing the pain by causing pain. I feel the need to bleed it out of me. I drip the drops of life, a past life I want to forget. Forgotten it is forgot, as I fall from all I fought. Falling now, but now I’m free. Free to finally be me.





23 thoughts on “Cutting

  1. Oh dear, don’t go back to that mindset man. It’s understandable – the onion effect. It’s in everything from macro to entire civilizations. Funny thing though, cause it doesn’t need to be. *Air hugs

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    • I get it. I was never a cutter by definition, but I used pain for depression. I would punch brick walls. It is amazing what a release from mental pain it can be as bodily pain overtakes it. It’s sweet. It’s painful. It’s release.

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      • Physical pain is SO much easier than emotional pain. I punch things too. Remind me to buy some drywall btw…for me it’s the frustration of not being able to express in words whatever crazy shit is in my head. Survival.

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