Blogging Depreciation 

This seems to be a hard concept for people and it really isn’t! We all know what depreciation is and how the brand new car we just bought drops about $5,000 dollars in value as soon as half the tire exits the lot.

Ok, that’s depreciation. So what does that have to do with blogging, stats, and numbers? I’ll explain in my usual simple way.

You start a blog and your first follower is Gary. Woohoo! Gary is here! 🙌

But you don’t only want Gary as a follower do you? You want more readers then one so you keep posting and eventually Gary’s brother, Cindy, joins your site! Two followers! Boom! 🍾

Now you are excited! But it isn’t over yet! Cindy has a twin brother Mindy who also joins your website! Three followers?!? The sky just broke open.

Here is where social media kicks you in the balls.

In your happiness you rush off and write a post on aluminum foil. Big mistake. Huge mistake! What the fuck were you thinking Charles? Guess what you just did? You pissed off Mindy, who by the way is currently marching in front of your home with a homemade sign. Now you are back down to two followers! How the fuck did that happen?

Blogging depreciation. Want to grow your readership? Keep finding readers because you’ll lose some daily.

Or you could try to not piss off anyone! I guess that’s possible… somehow?




35 thoughts on “Blogging Depreciation 

  1. You leave my sothers and bristers out of this conversation! Ahh the good ole days off following new bloggers and then the next thing you know you are using new email accounts have zero time to read new blogs and are constantly trying to keep up with your own blog and feel like a douche because you just don’t have enough time to keep up with everybody else. #SoundFamiliar?

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  2. You have 54,000 followers! I’ve been blogging for five years, was Freshly Pressed four times and have 6,500 followers. I never notice! How did you amass your huge readership? Do you follow a ton of bloggers? Come on OM. Tell us your secret! Please…. 🙂

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