Bad language

I could write posts without bad language. I don’t because I’m a Korean pirate and this is how we fucking talk. I don’t use disclaimers anymore for this webpage because I assume by now people know what to expect.

And if they don’t it won’t take them long to gain a clue.

Have a good weekend WP!




38 thoughts on “Bad language

  1. This morning I wrote this comment about swearing/”bad language”:
    I think it is a misappropriation to regard specific words as problematic. I tell my kids β€œthere are no bad words, just bad ways to use words”. The woman who was cussing in your anecdote was using words in a bad way. It doesn’t matter so much what the words are; she could have been using non-swear words in the same tone and manner and been equally as offensive. Likewise, cuss words have very specific meanings that can be used appropriately. For example, in a spoken word poem, a cuss word might have a very specific place, meaning, and effect that could not be achieved with a different word choice. I agree with you that often people are lazy and could be more descriptive or accurate, but that falls into the category of using words badly, not a β€œbad word”.

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        • Damn straight lol. Now I’m in a nice debate on Facebook on a thread full of birth moms telling me adoption is evil and ALL their babies were stolen. All of them…

          One claimed adoption is like divorce and people can “change their minds.”

          Fuck me… πŸ˜’

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          • You can literally find people on the internet who think ANYTHING under the sun. Another blogger found a group of “feminists” who believe all men should be stripped of positions of power and all their wealth and should only interact with women to impregnate them. Completely bat-shit crazy.

            Those birth moms in that group feel hurt and decided later they didn’t really want to give up their babies – that’s tough. They need lots and lots of therapy to recover from that and become decent human beings again. Maybe we should start a charity fund for their therapy bills. But, oh yeah, I don’t even have enough money to send myself to therapy.

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  2. I am the same way…if you didn’t get the picture on my about page of my cussing well I am not sorry …this is your blog and don’t change for anything or anyone or any reason…and this is also how I feel…imma just me…lol…
    Any plans for the weekend my friend???…


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