9 Fun Things to do This Christmas!!!

1 – Hand out all your Christmas cards openly at the office… but only give out one card each day! Make those suckers keep guessing who was on YOUR list!

2 – Everyone wants a snowy white Christmas right? Snowblow all your snow into your neighbors yard! Merry Christmas! Boom! 🎁 

3 – Make all your snowmen in the middle of the street and chase down cars while screaming bloody murder when they run over your new snow children! It is actually a lot more fun then it sounds…

4 – Eat all the M&Ms from all the holiday treat mixes! Only the M&Ms… who put these stupid raisins in here??? 😡

5 – Give all the kiddie presents to the adults and the adult presents to the kids! Well… all except that one gift… 🙃

6 – Celebrate Halloween again instead.

7 – Send out all your 2017 Christmas wish lists immediately after Christmas. Efficiency shouldn’t be scoffed at.

8 – Who is tired of milk and two cookies for all that hard work? Leave a real menu for them to provide next year for “Santa.”

9 – Create a “Santa Clause” that states if you don’t clean your room you don’t get Santa, Christmas, or presents.



11 thoughts on “9 Fun Things to do This Christmas!!!

  1. Hmm, I wonder if I can get away with wearing fake blood at Christmas – it is my favorite part of Halloween and Halloween doesn’t happen often enough for my love of wearing fake blood. Might have to give #6 a go this year!


  2. I did the opposite of #6 once. Decorated the whole house on Halloween, Christmas tree and all… Lots of fun! Maybe I’ll try going to my parents’ house dressed as a Zombie on the 24th 😛


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