28 thoughts on “Flag Burning

  1. I agree with you as far as the right. What I find perplexing is that the founding fathers and the first protesters of England did exactly the same thing but they are held up as an example. They burned and destroyed things to make their point. But if anyone does it to “your” country’s flag, they should leave. That’s exactly the intolerance they were against, even as one-sided as it was. All of those demonstrations mentioned in the comments are still peaceful and are being dismissed because you don’t like the presentation. It’s not about the presentation, obviously. It’s about the rights being infringed on, no rights are being taken from you by someone else’s protests.


  2. First, I agree that when a person burns their country’s flag, it doesn’t say anything positive about the person doing it. I’d say the same about my country’s flag as well.

    However, don’t soldiers fight for the people and the rights that that flag represents, and not the flag itself? Otherwise it is like putting the flag ahead of the country, making it more important than the rights it represents.

    When a citizen burns their country’s flag, it is to make a strong statement == hopefully not a trivial thing. But if they do they are a citizen making a statement. It is their strong belief in their country that often drives them to it. They feel that such an appeal will bring change.

    I don’t agree with them. But do they have the right to make such a strong complaint?

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    • They have the right, as I stated in my follow up post “Having the Freedom doesn’t mean you should.” I simply don’t agree with how they are drawing the attention and the facts are that the very action of burning our flag will NEVER unify many people behind your cause. Doesn’t matter what that cause is. It is an ignorant way of trying to draw support in this day and age of media and online venues.

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  3. If they hate America enough to burn the flag, then they should leave the country. No compassion from me. Kneel during the National Anthem? Leave. Burn the flag? Leave. The only point they’re proving by doing such things is that they despise the country they live in. So again I say…leave. There are plenty of other places to live.

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    • I agree with you. If you hate this country, leave. If you love this country, but hate Trump, stay and fight proactively. Don’t burn shit and throw a tantrum and scream “it is my right!” Irony is… people make that same argument for the REBEL FLAG… hmmm…


      • Good point… You’re right about not throwing a tantrum. Behavior like that has never gotten a person anywhere, but thrown into jail. Behave maturely and like you said, fight proactively. If people want to be heard, they must first be respected.

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  4. Check the constitution…it is our right to protest by burning it or hanging upside down…you can’t lump every one together as whiny…we are voicing our profound disgust with a con man and criminal being rewarded…and I know several Veterans that agree with me…along with millions of people.

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