The Bad Son 2

I know you probably aren’t very pleased with me right now. Sometimes my Korean nature shows in unusually Korean ways… and my stubborness knows no limit. I know you wished for a different response from me the other day and I can’t give a good explaination for why I have decided to do what I am doing.

I am just done. I am done with the “maybes” and the guesses. I am done knowing something is wrong and not being able to prove it. I am done being poked and prodded like a cow. I am done.

Yesterday I was the bad son. Again. I have been him before and I will be him again as I grow into me.

The bad man.

-Opinionated Man





7 thoughts on “The Bad Son 2

  1. Jason, have you looked into complimentary healthcare? It might not be covered by insurance but doctors and nurse practitioners are out of the box thinkers in this realm of healthcare. I understand your frustration just because a test result comes back “normal” doesn’t mean something isn’t going on.


  2. You do whatch ya gotz to do Jason, I can certainly understand the feeling I’m done knowing something is wrong but only getting guesses and maybes; shit happens…in our case maybe to much and maybe not enuf.


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