Dear Adoptee

Dear Adoptee,

You do not know me and I do not know you. Our stories are as different as genres placed on opposite ends of a book store, and yet we strive to relate. Why is that? Do we yearn for the companionship only found from those that share the experience of abandonment? I do not know the answer.

Never allow someone to force you to consider the alternative to your life as being the path to abortion. Those are sad, desperate people that attempt to make that connection. Do we not deserve the same life as others? Must we forever carry the burden of “what ifs” and have stones added by strangers at a glance? When did it become right to tell an adoptee that they should be happy they weren’t aborted? That they should be grateful for their life.

I marvel at the things that commenters can and will say. If you will say it to “Opinionated Man” what will you also say to the random blogger who does not have a heart of steel? Will you attempt to stab at their soul as well simply to prove a point, a point that doesn’t even mean that much to you in the first place? How low must a person be to beat at the will of one already beaten.

So I say to you fellow adoptees to be strong. Stay strong. Know you aren’t alone, even if you are alone in the particular path you walk. There are footsteps to your right and left that echo your hardships. We may not walk the exact same stones, but I can see and understand your struggle more than most people can. You aren’t alone.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man




20 thoughts on “Dear Adoptee

  1. Honestly, it’s shameful behavior like this that makes me a proponent of justified physcial violence. Justified is relative, I know, I know. But some people will never get it, never understand the harm of offensive statements, ugly words, and tacky unsolicited “advice.” (I pretty much despise anyone telling another, “at least you …” regarding sensitive, painful, or vulnerable things that are shared and are beyond ones control.)

    Getting punched in the nose doesn’t feel good. It hurts and/or makes one mad as hell. At that moment they will understand the feelings and emotions they evoke with their comments even if their understanding lacks depth. There will be an association they won’t forget.

    Similarly, someone who gets it and doesn’t care, someone who intends to provoke these feelings in another human just to be a malicious fuck – if someone were there to punch them in the nose, even if not for decency sake they would avoid repeating the shitty behavior to prevent a goddamn broken nose.

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  2. I can never feel your pain.. nor will I ever try to rationalize it.. I am glad that you reach out to others like you.. yet different from you.. God bless you, Sensei

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