Being Me

Can they hear my heartbeat across the room? Amidst the sounds of clinking glasses and scrapping silverware. The feeling of normal around me feels so abnormal at times. My senses heighten with the rise of anxiety as I search for an escape. I find I am without one so I turn within. I turn the noises off one by one like light switches in my house. Darkening my inner self until my light dims to a nothing, I become a shadow because a shadow is never lonely. Nothing sits among the somethings and wonders if they will ever see him. Will he forever be a face on a fork or the broken image of a man drowning in a glass of champagne.






12 thoughts on “Being Me

  1. Sounds like a panic attack. Drawing from within is a good technique. Instead of invisibility, I would strive for that spot where inner peace resides. Draw strength from the process.

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