Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra

Do you picture battle? 😄 -OM
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Cyranny's cove

I can’t help it. I just can’t.

It’s like a disease I caught on  OM‘s blog… And (almost) everytime, I have to fight back! I promise to try to get some help. Maybe. Someday.

So here‘s today’s obvious challenge from Jason!

And here’s my reply to it:


Yeah baby! Fighting back with Akvavit, the true Vikings’ liquor! Note that sadly, it is a German brand, because people here still haven’t heard enough about Denmark, but I’m working on that… Soon, we’ll have some from Aalborg!

And to the person in the back who’s asking why I didn’t bring some back from my trip… I was allowed only one bottle (urghh rules) and I gave it to my dad.

Until next time OM!

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