We failed in Syria. The United States missed the window of opportunity we had to fully support the rebels there before Russia arrived and now it has become so confused we don’t know who is on what side. Or maybe we do know. Maybe our media wants us to think the government is confused to validate why we aren’t helping.

Syria has shown what a joke the UN is. A peace keeping force made up of all the nations that won’t/can’t lift a finger without those same nations all saying they want the same action. It is an impossible organization because there are never just two sides to any conflict.

If the UN wanted to stop this they could. But like NATO… they are a shell only. A show of force without force. The UN fails daily around the world and we expect different each day without any evidence that a difference will actually show. If the UN wanted to help Aleppo they could by simply marching their coalition asses into Aleppo. The End to that conflict. Russia and the Syrian government would never bomb Aleppo with UN forces in that city. This is the only move left for the UN to help save the hundreds of thousands of lives still in the balance. The question is still the same question as the United States media turns Syria off from the headlines…

Will anyone care?

-Opinionated Man



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  2. Syria stares back in your face … Empty eyes, hungry bellies, wounded bodies … That is exactly what the world has made out of once-upon-a-time beautiful country. We should be ashamed of being represented by people who are not able to think through their decisions. When Obama was put on that chair, when Trump was elected, When Modi was selected, When David Cameron was elected … Did we once consider foreign policy an integral part of their election manifesto? We as citizens of the world need to start asking questions … And we need to ask the right questions!

    Syria is a collective failure. And we should be held accountable for each of those 20 million people who have been affected by the war. I want to tell that child … “No baby. You will not die”. That girl who raised her hands upon seeing journalists … I want to tell her … “Sweetheart, you extend your hand for a handshake and not raise your hands out of fear” … That boy who was covered in blood … Needs to be covered in the cream of his birthday cake! And look what we gave …

    Ashamed to belong to this race!!

    Upset Sugarsatchet

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      • Well … I am sure a lot of people care, just that they are not allowed to manifest their care into what they want to accomplish. I want to adopt Syrian children but I am unable to since the Syrian laws and religious codes do not permit me to do so. I have been asked to sponsor a child. But that is not what I want to do. I want to give that child love, offer a normal family life which was brutally snatched away from him/her for no fault of his/her. We all care … Question is what can we do with all our care stored in our hearts? Sugarsatchet is extremely depressed and helpless today 😦


  3. It is indeed shameful what is happening in Syria, and it’s shameful how world leaders have acted, but it’s even more shameful and disgusting to see how the people of the world have reacted to this. This conflict has caused the largest displacement of people since WWII, and no one is willing to lend a hand. People would rather see Syrian refugees drown at sea than welcome them into their countries. People turn them away because they might be terrorists in disguise. And meanwhile, millions of people are left homeless or dying. I truly believe this will go down as one of the most disgusting chapters in human history. But there’s a lot the rest of us can do. We can speak out and pressure our leaders and governments not to turn away Syrian refugees. We can’t remain silent. As MLK once said, the greatest tragedy is the appalling silence of the good people.

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    • It is a very tricky situation. While I agree we need to help more, I also agree with some of our leaders that we need to help OVER there. The answer can’t always be “well let them all come here or here.” As citizens it is very easy for us to cry for compassion and open borders. Our governments though are also tasked with the safety of those already here and if they fail in that safety by disregarding policies created to ensure that safety… it is their asses. It isn’t the civilians that get in trouble.

      We, as a United world, need to find solutions and ways to stop conflict. Borders and open borders are a total different issue than what is happening in Aleppo to me.

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  4. Sad reality it that gov funded the rebels who they now label as terrorist. They should label Assad as the man who refused to step down and charge him with crimes against humanity.

    The sad reality is that every person who goes under Aid is convicted of wanting to join isis forgetting that those who can not afford to leave are stuck and left to be killed like flies.

    The sad reality is that Arab spring failed the people

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  5. This is what I am talking about men, women and children dying helpless around the world.. and we have the power to stop it or help and we do it nothing.. unless the country has something we want.. like oil, colbat, .. a country we can exploit .. only then are we interested..

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  6. A very valid point. The entire situation is a complete tangle of politics, I just wish someone would put something into action. Before it really is too late, far too many people are being hurt as a result of inaction.
    Powerful piece 🙂

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