10 Thanksgiving Plans

1 – Eat all the things.

2 – Eat all the things again.

3 – Loosen belt by two to four holes.

4 – … we are eating again here…

5 – Avoid Christmas talk.

6 – Look at people’s food on my Facebook reader and be jealous I’m not eating it.

7 – Eat more food due to depression from Facebook on number 6.

8 – Loosen belt again.

9 – Figure out how to extract my keys from my new skinny jeans.

10 – Contemplate how a five pound turkey caused me to gain ten pounds. The math doesn’t add up. I didn’t eat the whole damn thing by myself…


39 thoughts on “10 Thanksgiving Plans

      • Hi Jason, it’s a pity that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such in my country (Mauritius). I felt the fervour of the festival in the blogosphere. 3/4 of my friends were celebrating- sharing beautiful pictures, writing interesting detailed account of how their day went, ect.. and I joined in too. It’s great how much happiness we share on wordpress, irrespective of our culture and background.

        Happy weekend! 🙂


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