Please don’t 

Please don’t email, message, or ping me about sending you money. I don’t have any money to give out. You guys must have me confused for celebrity bloggers and media people like Kim Kardasian. I’m not a celebrity, I don’t have millions of dollars lying around. Things are tight for most people these days.

I support bloggers I know when it comes to these matters. I won’t just promote a gofundme because you beg me to. Everyone has a sob story. Everyone has a story period…

You can’t help them all.




49 thoughts on “Please don’t 

  1. Aw heck, Cush, and here’s me telling all my creditors that you are about to take care of us. With Obama having only a couple months left and having not yet stepped up to the plate I might have to do something drastic, something like earning my own. Bummer.

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  2. Wow, there are actual sites where you can establish a self-funding campaign even if you’re actually not selling something or trying to get start up money for a project, sites where you can post….”Please send me money cuz I’m behind on my mortgage.” I’ve thought of trying out them because I’m behind on my mortgage, my car payment, my house insurance and a myriad of other bills BUT to just ask a fellow blogger (albeit an obviously successful hard working blogger) but just to ask for $$$ seems obnoxiously gauche and incredibly unknowledgeable as well as downright self embarrassing.

    Just keep on – keep on saying “NO” Jason. Even if you had money to give away, to just spend it on Internet pan handlers is silly…you should.use it for researched and and legitimized purposes. And that assumes you had any to spare. I’m blown away by your post. ~~dru~~

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