17 thoughts on “Body

  1. Okay, personal anecdote. Internal bleeding, ulcer, quick trip to the VA, big ass tube down throat and cauterized. Doctor: “you’ve had a reaction to aspirin. Avoid it in the future. Me: “Pshaw, I’ve taken aspirin all my life. Must be something else.” Second bout of internal bleeding. Repeat VA visit and big ass tube. Doctor: “You’ve had a reaction to aspirin. Chart says you were told this the last time. Believe it now?”

    Listen to dad, butt to hospital.


  2. Jason, trust that you can find a functional physician who can help with the root causes. Autoimmune disease can wreak havoc. I understand due to having several. Here is a link to a series called Betrayal that ends tonight but features changing the diet and solving the issues. Check it out for free. Diet changes made the difference for me. https://betrayalseries.com/episode-7-8o9qzeea?inf_contact_key=2ae0ff7b0a3ead3c86c8fe14bf510ec1d3664c7a4c07dede4400ede13cfc0954


  3. I am no doctor but I am 99.9% certain that your blood is supposed to stay on the inside of your body. Better safe than sorry and as a responsible husband and father, the right thing to do.

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  4. Bethany has a point. For an autoimmune disease I have, I’ve waited too long twice. Then paid probably 4x’s what I would have had I just gone in right away, because by then the issues had spread to multiple organs. Sometimes it’s better to just go in.


  5. You my Jason are a fool but then that wan’t really up for contention was it? However, I understand….EVERYONE told me to see a doctor about my foot that swoll up the size of a nerph ball….a new one for me….so i finally did. Two appointments later, which included the waste of time and money and what did she say?…..’ put your foot up and stay off of it as much as possible and hey why don’t we try some diuretics?’ I could have done that.

    So it is your body and your decision so do what you want but don’t whine about the consequences, should there be any, and don’t forget your family loves you.

    Unless you’ve recently been dancing with a vampire…..blood is usually your body’s way of say “HEY LOOK AT ME, SOMETHING IS WRONG!” Just saying – i grew up around medicine too and it is more of an ART than a Science….so do what you will, but i’ll miss you when you’re gone.

    Have a glass or wine or a stiff scotch and think on this again. ~~dru~~


  6. I suppose it depends. Sometimes if you wait, you get more bills because what starts out as minor becomes major whereas if you went earlier it is a quicker fix. I usually give something 24 hours and if it gets worse, or doesn’t stop, then I go in. Depends on where the blood is coming from. Maybe you need a good ole shot of antibiotics and you’ll be good to go

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