83 thoughts on “Daily Opinion – Boiled Peanuts

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had boiled peanuts. I can’t imagine them being bad, so maybe I do need to add them to my list of “Things to Try.”

    This may sound like an odd question, but does the water get, uhhh, peanuty after the boiling? I’m a bit of a “USE EVERYTHING!” cook, so it makes me wonder what I could use the water for afterwards. Like a pad thai sauce or a peanut-type soup…thing.

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  2. Being from the south myself, it’s near blasphemy for me to say this, but no, I never developed a taste. That said, I’m not a peanut fan of any kind. Although I have been to the National Peanut Festival, outside Dothan, AL. 😃

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