Victory is mine

I cleaned the fan. Way the hell up there.

And no… I didn’t throw Gary up there or ninja flip. I’m very pleased with myself right now because I bought a swifter extender thingy.

Martini time…


51 thoughts on “Victory is mine

  1. Did you stand on a ladder and use the swiffer extender because that sucker is high! Fans everywhere are finally clean due to the swiffer. Pretty sure growing up our fans just blew their own dust around.
    I didn’t know the rule/reward of fan dusting was a martini. I will now enjoy this.

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  3. Would I dare to battle you twice the same day?? Naahhh…. You’ll just get bored of me and try to find something to post about that would offend me so profoundly that I would leave your blog running to my mom crying like a manga character…

    I’ll leave it to that…. Good job! πŸ™‚

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  4. And that is the CORRECT way to do house work. Get right to it a the while remembering that you deserve a reward for all your hard and ingenuous work. It didn’t actually work for me though cuz I’d hit the reward first so that I could do the ‘hard’ work more creatively……sigh. ~~dru~~

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