You will be offended here 

Every year I warn people they will be offended at least once here and every year I receive at least one email that starts like this.

“Well you finally did it. You finally offended me. Why did you have to write…”

I had a disclaimer once, I should put it back up.

A smart blogger that cared about world acceptance and popularity would carefully vet his posts for any possible offense to avoid losing subscribers. Well I never claimed to be smart or a smart blogger. You see I don’t care. I don’t care if what I write offends you or turns you off. I don’t care if you think less of me from my words or I change your perspective of me. Because honestly fuck your perspective when it comes to what you think of me. I am myself.

Every blogger controls what they post. They have that right in their domain.

I don’t write for popularity and sometimes my blog seems everywhere in terms of opinion. That is because a single person can have lots of different views and those morals, ethics, or opinions aren’t tied to a social group or political party. They aren’t tied to a religion, at least not here, not on this blog. This blog is tied to only one thing and that is to me. That’s why I can blast Obamacare in one post and then hate Trump in another. A real person can.

You will be offended here. Eventually. It may be over my humor which no one ever gets or my jokes on Gary who is a friend of mine. And that’s fine. It just means most of you lack the right type of humor and god sent me here to fix that. You can thank me later.

-Opinionated Man


54 thoughts on “You will be offended here 

  1. I’m tickled by you. I’m glad you express your opinion now, as opposed to waiting until your 75. Some people couldn’t bear the thought of being offensive; but then they are what is referred to as “peace-keepers.” Wonder how that’s really working for them. You on the other hand have as your domain name “Harsh Reality,” and you moniker is: “Opinionated Man.” That tells me right off that you are going to deliver something in the realm of, oh let’s see, harsh prose of some sort. And it will be opinionated. I applaud you for being you. Besides, you seem to be doing quite well being you. People secretly and I openly respect that. Oscar Wilde said: “No one does it better.” So… no apologies necessary!

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  2. Anyone who walks with their nose that high up in the air deserves to be offended
    This is not blogging 101
    Wazoo you’ve been around as long as dirt
    People need to get real
    And go elsewhere if that’s the case
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  3. It’s your blog, so you can damn well say what you please. If one is worried about not offending others, stick to FaceBook. That’s one of the reasons I blog. I’m always surprised when someone tries to argue with me. I don’t delete their comment, I just say we will never agree. Move along, don’t follow me, whatever, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

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  4. I used to care a lot more about what I wrote, until I realized that everything we write can and will offend someone somewhere no matter how well we word it. Also, when I realized that there is an uncomfortably large amount of the general public who rather bury their heads in the sand and stay inside their bubble than to see the world as it really is. Sometimes we need blogs like yours to get people’s attention on things that they would otherwise (and shouldn’t) ignore.

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  5. well, yah, you offend me, at least every other day. so what?
    I offend folks on a daily bases, so what?
    be nice and folks except us to be nice all the time.
    that gets really old, quick! hell with that noise!
    carry on, Jason.

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  7. I agree. If I were worried about offending some people with my posts, then so be it. I write because I have a message, and readily read your comments, understand that I don’t write to offend anyone, and will say what I have to say. If I were offended by your remarks, you can go somewhere else, and put them down for what they write. And, for goodness sakes, for some of you out there, you might want to pick up a class for English grammar, and spelling too. I’m not speaking to you OM, but to all those who are trying to put someone down with their comments.

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