A Puzzle?

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Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Well, it appears that Head Of Maintenance was completely correct and our very own Dean of College is currently languishing at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in the no doubt competent hands of DCI Thompson and DS Kirby. Actually, I doubt very much that he is languishing. I imagine that he is striding loudly around his cell and being a bloody nuisance to all and sundry.

The only minor fortunate facet to this affair is that the crime for which he is currently in clink is not the theft of the Lord Layton. It is the unsurprising offence of obstructing an officer in the execution of her duty, which apparently amounted to refusing to allow DS Kirby to question Porter. If he had taken the time to discover exactly what she was questioning him about, there would probably have been no need to get quite so upset. But then, this is The Dean…

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