10 Ways to Steak

How do you grill these

when this happens to your grill…

Here are some ways!

1 – Place the steak back in the cow to warm it up!

2 – Eat a salad instead. Kale salad! Yum! These guys like kale… 

3 – Wrap the uncooked meat in cooked bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

4 – Stare at the steak till it gets nervous and cooks itself! I’ve been trying this for hours though.

5 – Pull the grill into the living room and hope your wife doesn’t notice. Claim it is the food network channel. She won’t care as long as she gets a steak.

6 – Buy two steaks from Applebees and put it on a plate and pretend you cooked it.

7 – Make the steaks confess their sins so they cook in their own guilt.

8 – Moo at it.

9 – Scare the cow! Eat it rare!

10 – Buy two double stacks, three jr bacon cheeseburgers, two medium fries, and a large coke from Wendy’s instead…


33 thoughts on “10 Ways to Steak

  1. You had me laughing so hard on this lol…
    I am sure that you figured out a way by now…
    we have figured out a way to make your steak no matter how you like it ..first in a very hot skillet (cast iron) then into the oven…if you want me to give you the directions let me know k…???..we don’t eat steak any other way…it truly is the best way..!!!..
    now back when I lived at the lake of the ozarks in Missouri even in the snow we still grilled outside…no matter how cold it was lol…
    let me know if you want the directions and times for the steak…
    Keep me laughing lol

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