How do we forgive the unforgivable. How do we heal from a wound we never knew existed until it did. How do we welcome someone with open arms that once stood with folded arms as we were dragged away. How do we care what you were going through when you didn’t care what we might go through. How can you say you wish we had starved together when you ate meals for years without tears. How can I feel like this story is mine when it isn’t. How do I let it go.


16 thoughts on “Unforgivable

  1. Some wounds are so emotional and deep that they never truly heal. It is learning how to live with it in the most positive way you can muster and you write about it, so that is a good thing. How you feel matters and the ability you have to express it so well is very important to others that may benefit from finding someone who understands their own pain.

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  2. Truth is, you can’t really let it go. It’s there, tattooed to your own life’s awareness. Perhaps, someday, just when you thought they had gone away, Anger and Sadness will sit next to you again. Then, maybe you will simply nod and say, “Of course I remember you. But right now, there’s no room for you on this Jason bench.” That is my hope for you, my friend.

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  3. It’s very close to home Jason and you are reliving your fearful young years… Yes it all happened AND despite it all you are here now being Magnificent for your family and so many of us here on WordPress… I wonder if you can focus on your beautiful self now, how you bring great expression to the world… without judgement that help us all.. Receive our gratitude for being Magnificent YOU.. Yes that experienced horrible times but it made you as you are today. A great man who can look back and be thankful too. Love to you x barbara x

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  4. your pain is palpable. I hope, someday, that you can find forgiveness, not for her, but for you so you can begin to heal. When I went through the years of losing my babies with my three stillbirths, the best piece of advice I was given was this: when you are feeling blue or negative, stop what you are doing and refocus on the good and positive things currently in your life. Sometimes it helps to write out a list and read it out loud. in your case, focus on all the people and good things that would not have happened if she had not abandoned you. I am not saying the pain will ever go away completely, but hopefully will subside to a bearable level.

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