Pain Born Tears

Pain born tears never die.

Instead they slowly seep inside.

Watering hidden graves within.

Waking sleeping demons again.

At night they come out to play.

Upon a field of tears that stay.

When does sadness finally die?

When tears stop falling from waking eye.

Accepting pain for what it is.

A part of life that I miss.




12 thoughts on “Pain Born Tears

  1. What a poignant and sanguine poem. Loved reading it dear. I too love to write random poems. Usually they are triggered by the daily prompts. I am like u in some ways I guess. My blog too was made with the intent of screaming out my thoughts on it. In some two months time since I started it, I have felt so much connection and companionship with fellow bloggers. I too hope I never have to give up on my blog.

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  2. So sad…
    Reminds me of what Susan Howatch once wrote: “Which is better; to express grief and pain by using tear-ducts specially created for the purpose, or to express grief and pain by enduring a silent secret haemorrhage of the soul?”
    There are so many people whose souls are ‘haemorrhaging’.

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  3. Until you can accept the losses of your own childhood, you will never be able to get beyond what was taken from you, a free and careless childhood, you can’t change anything else on your external environments, you can only change your own attitudes, the way you see the world…

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