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I have this “About Me” page HERE that I wrote when I first started this blog. I am positive most people don’t read that page since a lot of people have said some pretty humorous things from seeing my photos or when I share a personal fact. I don’t feel a need to spill about myself in a profile when I write myself daily here (I am not important)… but I can see the need to clarify sometimes to ensure people understand the person behind the words. It isn’t a need for accolades or fame, but rather for clarity as to why you think or say a certain thing.

My name is Jason Chandler Cushman and I live in Denver, Colorado. That means I am American, obviously. I was born Ahn Soo Jin from Pusan South Korea, at least that is what the paper says. The photo too, but photos and papers lie don’t they? As far as I know that is my name, but I have come to learn that Soo Jin is a woman’s name so either there was a mistake (because there is no mistake bodily… trust me…) or it may be an old form of the name in Chinese. The Korean woman who told me that last part said it almost sympathetically and with little optimism.

By day I work IT and by night I write. I am a father and have two kids with my wife that keep us busy… we love it! Life is pretty routine for me and my main mental escape is through my fingers and from my words. I am a real time blogger that is lazy with the edits, quick with the publish button, and a pretty horrible photographer. Pictures are a must though so I set my featured photos from my cell phone and move on.

I began blogging in 2013 because I was beginning a nightshift and needed something to occupy my time. I didn’t know what I was doing having only owned a blog on Blogger once. My mother and 3 bots were my only followers. My mom is a writer, you can find her blog HERE, and is a soon to be published author! I am watching her progress closely and working on my first as well. It may be horrible and it may be average. I am ok with that.

I write under the pen name Opinionated Man and kept my real name off the books for around a year. One day I said… well I didn’t say anything, I just started giving my name. I even added a photo at some point so people could see I was indeed Asian. There was some speculation I wasn’t apparently. I go by Opinionated Man because it amuses me and because it is true. People call me OM for short and it makes me smile that some bloggers now refer to me as Jason. My friends in real life rarely called me that.

They say “you need a platform” before you write a book. But what if you have never written a book and you build that platform first. What if you do all that work and the book sucks? Would that make all the doing worth it? The funny part is had there been WordPress ads in 2013 or had I owned a self hosted site at the time… I could have made thousands off the views I gained from my main site and never needed to write a book. It was a lot of networking and I thought it was a pretty sure thing… unfortunately not all things work out. You move on, you rework, or you give up. I’ve given up on tons of things in my life. I didn’t feel like giving up on this blog.

This website was never meant to be anything more than a sounding board for my thoughts. A place where I could scream. People have judged it and what I do. What I say and what my opinions are. I am sure if I could read over a layout of their morals, ethics, and opinions I’d find a few I hated as well and that is life. That is the beauty of humanity really… we are all different. Blogging is a place where we get to show how different we are in whatever form we want to. Some share photography, amazing photos of places I will never visit. Others are baking up treats and making food I want to bite off the screen. It is WordPress and it is blogging. It is why I have a site and why I share the sites of others.

I am 35 years old and I feel I have seen a lot. I know everyone says that and I know that many have a right to say it. I work a daily job, but I love to write. I don’t care what I am writing and my goal is normally to make people smile. I am human and this hasn’t always been the case. Like my growth in blogging, I’ve grown as a person over the past three years. When I started on this platform I saw lots of posts and lots of separate groups, no community, and everyone wanted to be this “Freshly Pressed” thing. Now when I look out across the world of WordPress I see a lot more connection. I see friends of friends of friends sharing their work and it makes me smile. I don’t claim any hand in those connections being made, but I can’t help but appreciate the shared value in what I have always worked to create. It will be something I miss if I ever move on to another hobby.


Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man




62 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi. I’ve just found your blog via Freshly Pressed. Well done for being Freshly Pressed! I was thinking of writing a post about ‘What does Freshly Pressed mean? as I’ve only just discovered this concept, and was doing some research, and up you popped! You have an amazing story and I love your style of writing. I look forward to reading more…..

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  2. I feel as though I haven’t read as much of your blog as I wish I had done.. lol you were my first follower; back before I had even published anything which still tickles me, but less so now as I understand more about how the nature of developing a following on this site works!! But I think your site is great, and I would imagine that you could write an amazing book, about life/identity/modernity etc. Good luck with it, and congratulations on creating such a great blog!

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  3. OMG after reading your introduction I am encouraged and appreciative of this forum. Your style is fresh and personal which animates your voice and words! Inspirational! I love the opportunity to meet OM and hear fresh truths.

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    • The Funny thing for me is that OM, OM, OM I can say that in the same tone as the one I like to use especially after a nice cup of tea and I’m drifting, on the verge of meditating, Yes now whilst commenting on your blog and I do mean meditating the kind of relaxed type. I’m thinking it must be all the ‘OMs and Somehow I don’t think “Jason” has the same personality, sorry OM, it doesn’t does it? Oops, how many Jays do I know that will read this and the odds that increase has I’m going to share OM, that’s if you’ve no objections?
      Hey do you get peeps I mean people calling you Jay at all? Just every Jason I know has always ended up having their name shortened, although Opinionated Man aka OM does have a special ring of quality to it. Originality 10 points!.
      I’m.not that great when it comes to profile pictures, my daughter keeps telling me “The Light loves you” to which I think hmmm I still prefer those pics in the dark… I mean, what if someone recognises me? lIf OM you get around to having another look at my blog, well what should be a blog, I hope you’ll be able to say… additional words written in three months just gone possibly ten? But words added after checking out your blog OM and I’m thinking, Yes I can do this, if an Opinionated Man can find the time to do it and allow me to be…, Okay put simplyl OM I do appreciate that you’re kindly allowing me to flex my.stylus in the direction of my on screen keyboard and actually finding out the answers to questions like, can I write like this? I don’t need a full 102 key tactile keyboard Incidentally the “@ smokendust” is ambiguous, where do I find more info on this um OM subject? Ahem ?? hehehe.
      Plus I am enjoying your blog and, Yes! I started at the beginning this time, having dipped in and out like a yoga breathing exercises ~ The part you state isn’t really noticed because I like to know something about the author of blogs that I follow…. OM, OM, OM at this point I admit firstly that my own blog needs some input I really like your style, it’s like you said… one day you just went for it!.

      ,Do you think I could just write diary aka journal style? It would save much time writing bits and Bob’s in longhand in two sepererate A4 (kinda US letter size) day books… and I still run out of space… and it would make it look like I actually exist too, I’ve noticed lately “OM” that people seem to think I’m a Bot because my blog is… Um OM not happening though reading how you started in 2013 and I need to organise myself, or something don’t I OM? It’s not like concentrating on characters, their personalities, bad habits and good, that’s so different because I know what happens in the end, well ‘ish OM 😆

      You’ve proven it can be done,, although Dare I admit that I’m tempted to do a little meditation every time I write “OMl” ~ is this just me? (Ooh! Nope it’s not just me, phew relief!) I’m sat in the lotus position perched on my bed as is oft normal for me anyway, it’s comfortable but the downside to this is I can fall asleep and find myself either waking up on the floor, or if there’s anyone around me, they’ll be aware of this, mainly because the only people I invite into my physical space/home do know me as I know them which is well enough and I mean nearer a decade than three months, I mean I don’t have strangers wandering around! I thought I’d best explain this point, but yes I’ve been aware that I feel myself being picked up and tucked into bed, especially when it’s silly O’Clock! I really should know better, perhaps 05:35hrs GMT like now is early morning for some? Or OM would that be the end of your night shift? Hey now I’ve got to continue reading, I know you’re of Asian decent? You’re younger than me too!
      Have you noticed anything weird with Facebook? I don’t often wallow too much their but usually remain signed in.. except for today, I mean Thursday 24th November Facebook is demanding to see copies of my passport, licence, utility bills and more to prove that I’m me… after so many years, I can’t cha b the account name can I? Maybe its just another marketing tactic? Or maybe if I don’t disclose some info I may lose access to my account? Is there any kind of ” non disclosure”? There must be some way I can retain a modicum of privacy? Yeah yeah I know, more research. Please let me know if um Er OM you’ve any ideas? Thank you for letting me hijacking your spacec. It is truly appreciated, really Opinionated Man, are there any subjects to be avoided ie political, religious and? I can’t believe it.. I’ve forgotten the other subject I’d normally avoid,… perhaps. I should try to remember it before I start blogging?
      Ok can I have a gentle push down this hillside trail called bloggers crossroads pleases OM, Thank you!

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  4. I started my blog so I could practice writing for an audience. Turns out, my favorite thing about this is the community. I never knew I would find “my people” here:)

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  5. Hi OM (Jason) Denver Dude
    I followed you when you slowly revealed the name and then pics -that was fun.
    I just read on trent’s. Blog all about his three years of blogging and I found this nice to read – I like hearing the journey – and my own has been a learning adventure as I accidentally stumbled into the community you mention – and so glad I did. Still finding my way.
    Anyhow – I sometimes think of you sometimes – for example – if I feel like I am posting too much – I remember when you would put out handfuls or even a few – and I tell myself “there is no limit” ((no restriction- ha!)) and we must do what works for us at a given season! And so if I want to post three in a row – I do it!

    I also remember when you would mention watching the little red light at your job….
    Oh and you sure are amazing at networking – and even though it did not pay off for you in dollars – the intrinsic stuff yo did for bloggers will ripple for s long time – and you made a difference.

    And not to get too long winded here, but man – you were s force of nature when you were building and networking and am I correct that the “powers to be” limited your follows and other things? Hm

    Anyhow – things have changed since those 2013-2014 days…. and it was nice to flashback a bit via this post

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  6. I’ve loved and followed you since your first comment on my page (you were indeed on of the first and helped me make my Static Page.
    So, I stake my claim to you. I love your About Me page. And you are a wonderful writer. You’re an inspiration to many. I keep my About Me page short and sweet, because, come on, we all know if people started commenting I’d get a huge ego and/or start stalking people in my oh so creepy way. (Like I do you :/ )
    You’re my person, and I’m keeping you! ❤

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