10 Ways To Write Without Fear

1 – Write with a lightsaber. Who is honestly going to try and correct your spelling when you are holding a damn lightsaber?

2 – Write a 1,000,000 word disclaimer that totally absolves you of any guilt.

3 – Only write drafts. Never publish.

4 – Write in invisible ink.

5 – Change your name to Opinionated Man and blame everything on me.

6 – Make every sentence into a question. How can anyone get mad at an article full of questions???

7 – Claim to be a teenager so no one takes you seriously.

8 – End every post with a scripture about forgiveness so that anyone that thinks of starting an argument feels guilty as sin.

9 – Refuse to claim a gender and sign all your posts with a period.

10 – Never tag your posts so no one sees your writing. It works. Trust me.

-Opinionated Man


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