Why We Still Hate Obamacare

I want to share this.


I know why Obamacare was started and I get why those that can use it are happy. What people miss in their euphoria over “affordable healthcare” is that to make it affordable for “some” it became unaffordable for others.


My company, like several I know, are changing their plans and insurance carriers. New plans won’t allow you to cover your spouse if they have a job that offers healthcare. A guy I work with has to find a new plan because the new company plans changed his out of pocket payment for insulin from $30ish dollars to $600 for the insulin he needs and that’s monthly. This is a great example of how no one is really winning right now.


I know someone will say “well Obamacare isn’t perfect and needs work. It will grow.”


Ok, but at what cost? How long will America bleed the middle class to pay for what everyone should be helping with?


This is a touchy topic and I’ve had people call me heartless and blame me for wanting to take their healthcare away. That’s not my intention. My intention is to ask when did my own health and welfare become secondary to the nation’s agenda. When do we get an apology from Obama for lying to us and telling us our plans and rates won’t change? Before next year when our rates go UP again?


Before anyone drops a Trump comment on me know that I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary. I’m ashamed those were our only two choices. I’m ashamed of America right now and the people in it on both sides and all sides.


There are always multiple sides to the story people.


Jason Cushman
-Opinionated Man

53 thoughts on “Why We Still Hate Obamacare

  1. Working in benefit administration, I see how horrible Obamacare has been. NO ONE (and I’m not overstating) at my company likes it. We used to be able to offer a longevity with the company before ACA. If you worked so many years there, you received your benefits free. If you worked another set of years, your entire family was covered. That was deemed discriminatory under ACA because a new employee did the same job as say an employee with 10+ years experience. So people who had their benefits 100% covered were now having to pay over $1,000 to cover their family. Deductibles rose, coverage is less and appointments are taking longer and longer to get. Prescriptions now have annual deductibles that were never there before.

    It’s a lose lose situation. There could have been reforms where the pre-existing conditions went away. Emergency rooms could have been told there is a max on your markups. I know for a fact, they charge $6,000 for an IV, because they need to make up for what they aren’t receiving back in compensation. An IV! A needle, tubing, and a plastic bag of saline. An ultrasound is billed less. While state-coverage has increased it’s limits, you still have to go through the ACA plan, they have to reject you and then you get to see if you are qualified for state coverage.

    There is so much more they could have done, but chose not to. Those making the laws, need to live by what they put in place. If they are elected to represent the people, they get to include themselves in their decisions and not opt to out of what us meger folks get stuck with. Obamacare is a obamination and nothing is better than what they have forced upon us.

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  2. Yes, there are always more than one, two, three, etc… sides to a story. I agree that Obamacare is not affordable. They advertise still how cheap it supposedly is, but if it was so affordable, how come I still can’t afford it. The premiums, the deductibles, the out of pocket expenses, limitations on e.r. visits and other visits to therapists, specialists, and such. Never mind the cost of prescriptions as you mentioned it is ridiculous. Thanks for having the courage to stand strong in your convictions and share them.
    God Bless.

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  3. I am lucky that my company has very good medical insurance but I have quite a few friends that are not so lucky and yes, Obamacare is not an option because of the high cost and so many places not accepting it due to trends of uses defaulting on their portion of responsibility. It is a lose-lose situation for everyone and there is no ready fix.

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  4. I think the important detail is this: healthCARE is not where the prices have skyrocketed heathINSURANCE is what costs too much. And that is a critical difference. Because everyone needs heathcare, but why are the insurance companies getting rich off that? The Affordable Care Act will be just that, affordable and provide care, if we get sweeping immediate insurance reform.

    But take it with a grain of salt, because although I’m pretty sure I’m right, I have not done the research to back it up. I usually do all my own research, but I haven’t explored this topic fully yet.

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  5. “How long will America bleed the middle class to pay for what everyone should be helping with?”

    When I worked, and was middle class, I happily paid into the system, knowing it would go for people with needs. Little did I know I’d become poor, and told I will likely be on disability the rest of my life. I accept my “entitlements” with no shame because I believe I’m the type of person I was paying for all those years I was working.

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  6. Medicaid is and has always been a thing (a blessing to me in 2012-13), and lost to me when obamacare came into exist stance. All we did was rename Medicaid and add a charge for anyone not absolutely destitute (who received Medicaid anyway), and then compromise small businesses, the families of small business owners, and doubled even more the already high percentage of taxes on the upper class, who receive no real health care assistance and beyond astronomical premiums and plans.

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  7. We have insurance through the Affordable Care act. It’s quite expensive and not even good coverage, but for us, it’s more than we had and we gladly pay it. It didn’t work out for us at all and to be honest if the fine was not part of the deal we would probably still be uninsured. Our thought is if we’re going to pay that much in a fine we may as well pay for the insurance and at least have some coverage.
    It’s a very hard subject for us because we don’t want to lose what we have, but we also know that what we have pretty much sucks.

    I do know people (In different states than the one we live in) who benefited greatly from the ACA. They have awesome insurance now.

    I don’t want to see anyone get the short end here but sadly it seems someone always will. I feel like my family got the stick somewhere in the middle. It’s not so pleasant here either.

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  8. I’ll offer this as an alternate view. Healthcare has been screwed since we allowed it to go from a not-for-profit system and morph into the profit driven system that we have today. The PPACA isn’t the fault of why insurance costs are going up. The cost of production of medication has not increased. There hasn’t been any significant change in how healthcare is administered that has caused huge increases either.

    The costs are because companies all up and down the supply chain of healthcare have to profit to keep afloat. My issue with the entire system is how does one live with themselves if their sole desire is to profit from the misery of others?

    The PPACA is the natural progression from Reagan’s EMTLA which was signed into law in 1986. Because of that law, hospitals have to treat patients regardless of many different conditions including their ability to pay for services rendered. There is also no provision that allows for hospitals to be reimbursed for those costs. That’s why a Tylenol costs $25 in a hospital and we pay other outlandish costs. My children cost more than $10k each to be born in a hospital, but I’ve seen foreigners come in and pay $3000 cash for the same services.

    Until people realize that we’re being fleeced by the system, nothing’s going to change. It’s not just the laws but the people who benefit from the laws.

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      • I won’t disagree with that. The one reason why I don’t think Obama was more forceful with anything is because he didn’t want to be portrayed as the “Angry Black Man”. Personally, I think Americans would have benefited if he had indeed gotten angry and did things to help us all.


          • I feel you. I didn’t like it because it did nothing to change things as I see it. The problem with our healthcare costs are because we treat it as a for-profit system. So, no matter what we pay, there’s always going to be some kind of mark up for everyone to get their profit. Even if it’s only a 1% increase, that small percentage adds up once you realize how many different hands are reaching into the pot.

            I’m not sold on a single payer system either at this point. I just don’t recall healthcare being that much of a burden on people when it was mostly not-for-profit. Then again, I was very young, so I may not have seen the entire picture.

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  9. A kid my wife works with has a condition that requires medication on a constant basis (no cure, just treatment). Since he works fast food he doesn’t make enough to pay for the $300/month cost of the meds, prior to BOcare the drug company picked up the cost since he had no coverage. He can’t afford the penalties, or the coverage, or the medications. He’s covered now under his parents plan because of the 26-or-under, now the drug companies won’t cover the cost of the med, and BOcare doesn’t cover it either because it’s not in their formulary. Yeah, great plan.

    I am at the point where I am ready to retire. The only thing stopping me is affordable medical care, IOW I have to wait for Medicare because BOcare isn’t affordable. I’ve looked into the costs, the out-of-pockets are so high that my current health conditions would require costs way higher than I could afford on a retirement income (still too young for SS).

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  10. I’m still waiting for that euphoria to kick in! Where’s my darn euphoria???

    Actually the ACA really flattened us. We eventually had to shut down our business of 30 years,our new insurance left us with huge deductables and debt, and now we are all uninsured. Nothing worse then running around screaming “help me,I’m being crushed here,” and people just tell you, “shut up it’s working great,” or worse, “shut up you racist, sexist, rape enabler.” Huh? Say what? Makes you feel like you’ve landed on the wrong planet.

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  11. I don’t have insurance because obamacare is too much and the insurance at my job is even more. So I’m one of those people who has to pay that hefty fine every year. It feels like someone is stealing my hard earned money. I’m glad you wrote this! The majority of people are not benefiting from obamacare at all.

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