The Lonely Blogger

I consider myself the lonely blogger. I walk into my virtual building, HR Tower, and it is 52 stories of empty rooms. All of them are for me.

That’s how I like it in my reality and my mentality. Open free space that is waiting for me to fill it with myself.

I’ve had several bloggers approach me lately wanting to form some type of association or team. I don’t think those are a bad idea at all. The reason I say no to people are for the following reasons if you care to know them…

1 – I believe that when people ask me to form a “team” with them what they really mean is “can I write a blog and you drive traffic to it?”

2 – The time it took me to build this website can’t be duplicated by me. I am too damn old, too damn tired, and kind of over it all…

3 – I know people often say they don’t play well with others to be trendy. I invented that saying.

4 – This is a big reason. Honestly at this point I am simply enjoying my platform. The platform I invested myself into and built from scratch when I created this account almost four years ago in 2013. While you are building and creating… you rarely get to settle back and enjoy the moment. I am very bad at that. So right now I have been forcing myself to watch the waves go by. Just enjoying blogging again.

5 – Ok, so we are a team. Who is the leader? Really? I disagree… lol.

6 – It is the goal of most of us to create a website that personifies us. That is what HarsH ReaLiTy is for me. It is a piece of me on the web. If I suddenly brought in a team my website would lose some of that aspect. I’ve seen it when I host guest bloggers and when I did some of my recent book promotions. As much as we strive to have people view our blogs as a whole, the reality is that many people judge you by the first post they see. So what post will that be and who will have written it?

7 – Bloggers only see what they want to see. To a new visitor… this blog probably looks like a ton of fun. I write a few posts, people comment and laugh, and I repeat that cycle. That is what an uneducated observer would see. What true bloggers notice and why people recognize my username is because they don’t just see me on my blog, in my space. People see me everywhere and that’s the goal of networking to me. Can you be in all the places and none of the places at the same time? How strongly can you make your presence felt?

8 – That really leads into this next one. Workload. If you truly want to create a “hot blog” you better not have any other hobbies. You better be prepared to pour every ounce of free time and energy into that website to get it humming and keep it moving. 7 am you are up networking with America. 3 am you are up networking to the other half of the world. That’s what it takes and I don’t have free time for your website. I barely have time for my own as I work 40 hours a week at a day job and take care of my family.

9 – For me this blog is also a display of my writing samples and my potential to write. It is my online resume and personal because of that.

10 – My views here are my own. I wouldn’t want anyone to catch hate because of something I said on my own website. That’s another reason I don’t do teams.

11 – Your Idea Has Been Done Before.

12 – Bloggers these days want to make online money. I don’t have the answers for how to do that, but many bloggers out there do! I highly suggest finding some of these marketing expert, blogging expert, SEO expert people to help you…



31 thoughts on “The Lonely Blogger

  1. I think we should form a team to locate a new pub every Friday afternoon. you could tell your wife that you’re doing research on future blog posts and if she finds out what you’re really doing you can blame Gary for being corrupted into attending.

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  2. I think you have done very well tbh. I’m a carer and fulltime mum and I try to do one post that’s completely my own work and I have a gander and share stuff I have found sometimes recipes or other things that might be of interest. Keep on going you are doing an amazing job.

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