A HarsH ReaLiTy Meeting…

Grumpy: Ok… can I address the elephant in the room? Why the fuck are we back on WordPress?

Sarcasm: Somebody sounds grumpy wumpy…

Grumpy: I know we are the same person, but fuck you. Seriously.

Hope: I think it is great we are on WordPress! There are so many great bloggers here, causes, movements, and active groups we could join. We could really do some good here with our site finally.

Grumpy: Ok who the fuck are you? Hope? Really? We got hope in here now? Man fuck this place.

Love: I feel needed here too.

Grumpy: My god! We got hope, love, and we are back on WordPress? When Jason gets back we are having words. This shit is fucking crazy. I mean who is running stuff around here? This…

Meeting Ended when love left the room.

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