The Wedding Photographer

I have heard similar stories and sadly these types of independent business ventures depend greatly on the attitude of the clients that generate the income for the business! People can be hard to please and hard to work with! What a great post! 🙂 -OM
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On the afternoon of my 30th birthday, I began my career as a wedding photographer.

playmobile-letizia-cambone Playmobile Image. Letizia Cambone.

Six months later, it was over.

Her name was Kelli. We worked together in the marketing department of an engineering company.

She was beautiful, and maybe the most photogenic person ever, with a smile that lit up a room.

She knew I was an amateur photographer, had seen my stuff. I proudly spoke of a new 35 mm camera, a Canon AT 1 with assorted lenses and filters. (Vintage 1970’s)

It was a hobby. I already had a job as a writer/editor and proposal coordinator.

She asked begged me to photograph her upcoming December wedding.

Jerry was the corporate photographer who had an office adjacent to mine. He filmed progress photos at construction sites, inanimate objects. He took me aside and gave me the warning,  “you never want to be a…

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