Saturday is a good day

That coffee looks great! I’ll take two! 😄
Looks like you had fun and great photos! 🙂
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Roberta Pimentel

Aww, how wonderful the weekends are where we can just relax, have fun and just doing things without having a specific agenda or take care of duties. How are you doing by the way?

Today Johan and I went to a mall where we have not been before and I felt such a warm atmosphere there and it was crowded of happy people. I believe that there are more people than usual on mall on Saturdays since it was so full. Johan and I were so hungry and therefor the first thing we did was to go to a takeaway place to buy a sandwich that was so delicious. There was also a ice cream shop nearby and we went there to buy ice cream, Irish coffee and have a good conversation while looking at the people walking by.

Johan is a very gentleman and

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