my heart skips beats (2)

I like the wordage in this one. Nicely done! -OM
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My heart skips beats, because autumn has arrived and I have all day with my children to simply play. The pumpkin patch is the first stop. We explore and examine extensively and fill the back of my SUV with fourteen prime pumpkin specimens. In my strangely wired DNA, I find this amusing. I start to giggle. The copious amounts of squash sludge and strenuous carving effort that await us momentarily escape me. We have a pile of pumpkins, and I’m giddy.

My heart skips beats, because it is 64°F, breezy and sunny – perfect hiking weather. Yes, most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, but the photo opportunities are amazing. I giggle at the structure of the trees lining the path before us. Kings have been welcomed into cities with less grandeur than this.

My heart skips beats, because my youngest stops and snaps photos as frequently as…

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