Candy Colours

I like “the locket around her neck pointing our way home.” Nicely done! -OM
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Hurt and alone, she walked

the aging streets of downtown.

She’s been hurtin’ for so long –

her hands worn from the weight.

How do I tell her the truth?

The weight she carries a lie. 

Our past not worth the dirt

it’s buried under – I’m done.

Her eyes tell me she knows.

Words don’t mean much to her.

The locket around her neck

pointing our way home.


She wants those pretty pictures

painted in candy colour.

I don’t own the green.

All I have is red.

But I’ll make up the rest.

I can’t buy pretty pictures,

so I’ll learn to paint my own.

Each one framed inside our heart.

The locket kept to remind us

we’re more than a pretty face.

We’ll use whatever scrap

we find to build that home.


©Brenda Baker 2016

Part 10 of the series Hushed Voices.

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