Am I complete?

I’m glad to hear of the close bond you are forming! That is awesome news! 🙂 -OM
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Black Sheep Sweet Dreams

After a manic weekend of fun and family, I am now reflecting on many aspects of my life that make me the person I am today. Having developed a strong solid connection with my long lost half sister, a bond even both of us are amazed is so deep so quickly. It is exactly as if we knew each other many years ago and have just been out of touch for a short while. We have added a new dimension to both of our lives and I marvel at how easy we have clicked into a place neither of us would ever want to leave. It is as my BM said when I explained our closeness to her ‘ Well Love you did share the same womb so you are bound to feel akin’ Yes she is quite right, although over 40 years apart, we did in fact share that same…

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