All (The Best) Westworld Theories Yet

I am not the only one loving this show! Have you seen Westworld? -OM
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Søren and Sons

Westworld has pulled us in, we are all in, delved entirely into this eerie magical realism that is way beyond its years, and as we understand with each passing episode, way beyond our wildest imagination.

It has, of course, caught our attention and made us wonder what lies in these mysterious ways, inscrutable storylines, and mystifying characters. There are theories all around, perhaps catching the attention of theorists even more prominently than Game Of Thrones.

So here is a compilation of all the amazing and mind-blowing Westworld theories out there that I’ve come across, and I’ll be updating this page as the series advances.

  1. Theresa Cullen Is A Robot And Is Working With The Chinese


We’ve all thought about it. She’s cold, kinda vicious, a little mysterious. Many Reddit users have pointed out that she leaves the room when Bernard and Ford are examining a robot. Perhaps they made her leave so the…

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